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Ending Abortion- Is There Any Hope?

by Danny Unser   Recently, a colleague of mine sent out an email regarding a pro-life bill, asking that we spread the message and email or call our legislators to support it.  Although the resiliency of the pro-life movement is amazing (surely our adversaries mutter, “they just won’t quit!”), I have become a bit cynical [...]

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Washington D.C. vs. America

In this blog article a few days ago, we offered our opinion about how Mr. Trump is playing our hand on the immigration issue against the corrupt, unaccountable Deep State and industry lackeys in Congress. Obviously, we could be wrong. Especially in light of his ridiculous treatment of Steve Bannon earlier in the week in [...]

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Republicrats, You’re Fired!

Government is engaged in four kinds of activity. 1) It makes regulations and bureaucratic machinery; 2) It pads the nests of industries; 3) It pads the nests of lazy parasite subpopulations; and 4) It does public works projects most of which are nowhere authorized by the Constitution, but few seem to care. The border wall [...]

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Patriots With Clubs and Spears

Don't look at the picture and think this is all about 'preppers' or 'militia' groups; it is not. This article will discuss and analyze the much larger online conservative movement, constitutionalists and other patriotic Americans who think that reading things, or listening to others, will somehow improve our hijacked condition. It will not! This article [...]

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From a Missionary to the Americans

In mid-December 2017 on one of our TACTICAL CIVICS™ national conference calls, I pretended that I was a missionary from some foreign land sending a report from the mission field to the home office. Of course I’m not from a foreign land, but I changed no other facts as I read my missionary report, viz: [...]

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Power of the Purse – And Why it Matters

When you read the U.S. Constitution – the highest American law governing our servant government – remember that it is not some outdated parchment, lost to our technocentric world. Regardless what Deep State agencies, bureaus and departments may say, our Constitution is the highest law in America concerning every employee and elected or appointed service [...]

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America Fallen

If America was ever in danger of slipping into The Old Dark, we face that danger today. Oh, the stock market and retail sales are wonderful – but you know what I mean. A massive Deep State works overtime bloating itself every year, regardless what happens at the polls. Profoundly criminal men are pulling at [...]

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Hand-Wringing Luddites of Liberalism

All over the Internet this week is a regurgitated story of a speech given a month ago by Chamath Palihapitiya, vice-president for user growth at Facebook before he left in 2011. He claims that he doesn’t let his kids use social media, given Facebook's dopamine-driven engagement methods. This is the second Facebook mogul to try [...]

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Know the Criminal

Most Americans do not realize how well organized and laser-focused our domestic enemies are. These are professional predators and parasites who have never produced a thing in the American economy other than a formidable fortress of bureaucracies to keep productive America drained and overwhelmed. For instance, you keep hearing about the 'Deep State' -- those [...]

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Fearing Caesar: Twisting Romans 13

One of many quotations attributed to Thomas Jefferson but not actually his, is a statement made by John Barnhill in a 1914 debate about socialism: "Where the people fear the government you have tyranny; where the government fears the people, you have liberty." Thomas Jefferson didn’t say it, but the aphorism is true of many [...]

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