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Sassy Ciceronians

Those who are familiar with classical history will agree that of all orators in the ancient world, Cicero takes the prize. Although infamous for waffling on politics to advance his own interests, Cicero  could deliver speeches like no other senator or consul in Roman history. Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska has claimed his 15 minutes [...]

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Beyond Mockumentary

[Full disclosure: we are planning Tactical Civics TV, a reality TV series of short episodes starring everyday Americans teaching and learning from one another how to return to our duty of self-government through a new way of life called TACTICAL CIVICS™. If you are a talented YouTube producer, we want to speak to you.]   [...]

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More Than ‘Voters’

When people ask me who I'm going to vote for, I intend to start responding, “Oh, I don't vote”. If you think my flippant answer is anathema -- that I am un-American not to vote -- let me explain. The people whom we vote for take their cues, directives and grants from Washington DC, that criminogenic city-state on the [...]

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Fathers of Obamanation

Many of my brethren in Christian conservatism are up in arms in response to the scourges of Obamanation: Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and a dozen other variants on the theme. Even many anarchists left over from the Ron Paul Revolution are pulling at America's cultural fabric in hopes of attaining their nirvana: anarchy. Enter Obamanation [...]

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Make Our Militia Great Again

President Trump announced today that his planned military parade will be canceled because the military's $80 million price tag, originally estimated at $12 million, was a bust. Ha; imagine a Russian, Chinese or North Korean leader canceling a goose-stepping, missile-studded parade because it was too expensive! You have to love Trump. It was a bad [...]

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It’s Not Just California…or Trump

Many people are talking about Californians recently obtaining enough referendum signatures to put an item on their ballot this fall, splitting California into three states. Our project, called Our First Right Now, is a much better idea for every state in this republic; California is not the only state where the small urban zones are [...]

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