Today’s wild cryptocurrency market includes big players and small startups. The big players are getting involved because digital money is inevitable. Because bureaucrats and corrupt politicians see the productive people of the world fighting back against corrupt, confiscatory, unaccountable governments, and they fear for their cushy arrangements.

A fascinating entrant, a cryptocurrency exchange called Shapeshift, was created by an American named Erik Voorhees, who now lives in Switzerland. Shapeshift does not collect any personal data on its customers; for a small fee, it simply exchanges one cryptocurrency for another without ever collecting customer funds into company accounts. This is unique among digital currency trading companies.

As James Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg predicted 20 years ago in their book The Sovereign Individual, corrupt governments are scrambling as geeks outsmart them.

What an interesting time to be alive! And TACTICAL CIVICS™ is right in the thick of it.

My parents could never have imagined Congress spread out in 6400 communities, and productive America back in control of their own lives and assets. Imagine: the U.S. Constitution actually enforced at last, because responsible Americans are “executing the Laws of the Union” again, as every good American once did!

School shootings? Black Lives Matter riots? Antifa mobs destroying public and private property? Armed BLM and other illegal federal agency ‘troops’ threatening or killing Americans over control of the lands of the sovereign States? State legislatures and Congress rattling their sabers every few months to disarm law-abiding American people? We The People can push these social traumas into the ash-heap of history when TACTICAL CIVICS™ members restore constitutional Militia and Grand Jury, working together in all 3,142 counties of our republic.

The “bad guys” – government thugs and paid communist/fascist drones working under Obama and Soros –  cannot withstand We The People resuming our control over the legislators who allow these crises to happen, and in some cases invite them.

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