[Full disclosure: we are planning Tactical Civics TV, a reality TV series of short episodes starring everyday Americans teaching and learning from one another how to return to our duty of self-government through a new way of life called TACTICAL CIVICS™. If you are a talented YouTube producer, we want to speak to you.]


The Swamp is a pithy reality TV series launched on Facebook in early 2018, originally as a 3-part video documentary.

After reading this recent analysis on a site called The Federalist, the reader concludes that, as with the TV series itself, no solutions are offered; only frustrated regurgitation of the problem.

Yes, D.C. is a ruthless, lawless city-state; organized crime masquerading as representative government. We get it. Countless tell-all books about D.C. corruption and billions of rant posts on social media over two decades, should be enough; what’s the point of restating the problem a gazillion times, however cleverly or shockingly you can reformulate it?

Do producers of such stuff not understand that’s precisely how a self-governing, independent population is reduced to cynicism?

See the people of Mexico, Italy or Russia for powerful examples of deeply cynical populations. Yet this alien new national character is being programmed into this generation by a massive Fear Porn industry. Its output is daily consumed by over 30 million Christian conservatives, fed by Joe Farah, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, and dozens more. As with the celebrity politicians starring in The Swamp, no Fear Porn celebrity offers long-term solutions.

The Swamp is a fascinating example of cynical opportunism: the GOP stars of the series know full well the futility of the skits. The Democrats do too; all of them refused to appear in the series. But these GOP statesmen do the gig because it raises their own stock price. Fattens their re-election coffers.

Ron Paul set the endurance record for this curmudgeon exercise; never gaining ground, but parlaying the gadfly act into perennial donor revenues. I love Ron Paul, but he never even attempted to think outside the D.C. box.

Why do I refer to The Swamp as mockumentary? Because it is either tragedy or farce, to rant against a criminal cartel, everyone agreeing that the Deep State will win in the end. The destructive game played by alternative media transforms the rare statesman into a self-serving cynic with ‘Mission Impossible’ stamped on his forehead. Advertisers love the traffic, and the folks back home love a good tragedy. And what’s not to like? Mockumentary is far less work than serious solutions.

So. If the Deep State and corrupt party machines control everything in D.C. and down to state, county, and municipal bureaucracies, will Mr Smith Goes to Washington simply replay every two years for the rest of history, transmogrifying us into clones of Russians, Mexicans or Italians?

We say no! We The People can turn the ship off the rocks here and now, with Trump in the White House and the communist and fascist forces in full Trump Derangement mode.

Plan of Action

What can you do? First realize that, like the government school system, there is no reforming D.C.; it must be drained.

A new action coalition is being formed, called Our First Right. Bookmark its website and join up when it goes live, about September 15, 2018. Until then, download and read THIS small pamphlet explaining George Washington’s incredible gift to us, just waiting to be deployed!

After we attain that first historic milestone — breaking the U.S. House into small districts by finishing the ratification of the original first right in the Bill of Rights — next, we take our representatives out of DC. We bring them home and superintend them, as explained in THIS short video. You can help start your county chapter of TACTICAL CIVICStoday.

After we break Congress up and relocate them to our own communities, consider doing a few years’ public service in the House of Representatives, yourself. Let’s fill those servant roles, only for a few years. Millions of us have the common sense and are ten times more productive and honest than the present U.S. House member, on average.

Then the real fun begins: we begin enacting truly serious reform laws, like the 19 pieces of legislation found in THIS  document.

TACTICAL CIVICSis a responsible new way of life, beyond mockumentary. Tuning out the daily Fear Porn that fed our cynicism and dejection.

In short: it is repentance.



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