Make Our Militia Great Again

President Trump announced today that his planned military parade will be canceled because the military's $80 million price tag, originally estimated at $12 million, was a bust. Ha; imagine a Russian, Chinese or North Korean leader canceling a goose-stepping, missile-studded parade because it was too expensive! You have to love Trump. It was a bad [...]

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It’s Not Just California…or Trump

Many people are talking about Californians recently obtaining enough referendum signatures to put an item on their ballot this fall, splitting California into three states. Our project, called Our First Right Now, is a much better idea for every state in this republic; California is not the only state where the small urban zones are [...]

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It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

By Daniel New   In 1787, our Founding Fathers held a Constitutional Convention in which they designed a Constitution and presented it to the states for adoption. Several states made it clear that they would not even debate the question without restrictions placed upon the proposed federal government. A total of 39 proposed amendments were [...]

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The Serf’s Vocabulary

If you are an American wondering how to fight DC organized crime, first consider your own part in egging them on. For instance, consider ten popular, inaccurate terms that have kept us programmed in Soviet-style, upside-down civics. This is part of the political vocabulary that has been used by our enemies to transform our servants [...]

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The Last Little House

The Democrat machine is reeling from its 2016 loss, but both party machines are resisting President Trump’s attempt to change the game in the most corrupt city-state on earth. Now, the entire Deep State has taken out the long knives against ‘the outsider’ and it will only get worse as another election approaches. We The [...]

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Trump: Black Swan in a White House?

I was recently asked by a TACTICAL CIVICS™ county chapter founder if we can remove references to President Trump in our social media advertising. Let me explain our policy at AmericaAgain! Trust regarding our servants in the White House. God Disposes God ordains whatever happens, so America gets the presidents we deserve. For instance, prior [...]

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Why I Do Not Recite the Pledge

I am often asked why I refuse to recite the 'Pledge of Allegiance'. The answer is simple. I reject socialism and fascism, and the Bellamy Pledge is demonstrably un-American. Government schools and 'patriotic' organizations force you to recite the Bellamy Pledge or be branded a commie pinko. But the fact is that you are the [...]

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America’s Job One

The number one question I receive every day from those who are new to TACTICAL CIVICS™ is, where do I begin? Well, first: if you are an American living in these united States today, you are witnessing God’s judgment on the most stiff-necked, godless population in history. I am not suggesting that every family in [...]

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Mass Shootings, the NRA, American Militia and TACTICAL CIVICS™

Today’s American murder and mayhem is caused by a bizarre range of perpetrators: lone drug addicts, passionate Muslims, statue-toppling Antifa types, looting mobs of Blacks (whose Lives Matter), and Obama-style communists in offices of governor, mayor, sheriff, police chief, and others. There is only one lawful solution to this nonsense. It is stipulated in Article [...]

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Bankers’ Nightmare

Today’s wild cryptocurrency market includes big players and small startups. The big players are getting involved because digital money is inevitable. Because bureaucrats and corrupt politicians see the productive people of the world fighting back against corrupt, confiscatory, unaccountable governments, and they fear for their cushy arrangements. A fascinating entrant, a cryptocurrency exchange called Shapeshift, [...]

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