Three Strikes for Islam

[This article was originally published in November 2016, at the end of the period known as America's Obamanation.]   CAIR and other Islamic apologists suggest that the Founding Fathers were perfectly fine allowing Islam to exist side-by-side with Christianity in America. Nonsense. Dr. Dave Miller of Apologetics Press offers a fairly comprehensive analysis and answer [...]

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From Serfs to Sovereigns

America’s broken. Everyone’s angry about it. III% United Patriots and AmericaAgain! members are fixing it; in a moment, I’ll tell you how. But first let me explain a facet of your programming that you’ve never considered. As a former architectural engineer for 28 years, I know that monumental architecture affects the human psyche. In the [...]

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Shooting Second Amendment Blanks

With every real and false-flag shooting in this republic, statists and liberals re-kindle their heated attacks on "our rights under the 2nd Amendment". The constant reversion back to that Amendment instead of to the authority and duty we have under Article 1 of the Constitution, is a self-destructive habit. Led by gun organizations supposedly on our [...]

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More Thanksgiving News

If you have not read my blog article of yesterday, The Parscale Principle, I explain how Team Trump’s Digital Director established an historical fact: the Information Age has ended the electoral tradition of two centuries. Hollywood and Media are Deceptive: America is Conservative Some things we already knew: per the 2016 electoral map, Alaska and [...]

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Our Enemy Fears Us

Last Friday in this TIME magazine article, Joe Klein predicted a loss for Trump but the end for American moderates, shedding crocodile tears while conveniently ignoring the 40-year offensive of the liberal mainstream media. Mr. Klein is wrong on all counts. He worries that the Trump family may build a media network for conservatives. I [...]

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