by Danny Unser


Recently, a colleague of mine sent out an email regarding a pro-life bill, asking that we spread the message and email or call our legislators to support it.  Although the resiliency of the pro-life movement is amazing (surely our adversaries mutter, “they just won’t quit!”), I have become a bit cynical about pro-life bills. So many have been presented in the House and Senate, all to no avail.  Consider 2000 – 2006 when the GOP controlled Congress and the White House; supposedly they support life, yet here we are over a decade later and abortion is still legal.

Abortion has been on the minds of many ever since Roe v. Wade.  Contrary to all efforts to end legalized murder over five decades, the fact is that no significant progress has been made at the federal level, and state attempts are always overruled (Abraham Lincoln’s cult has concealed the vital fact that he ended State sovereignty). And while some may think the most effective work is taking place with local pro-life organizations and pregnancy help centers, such efforts are more than offset by a U.S. House of Representatives, Senate and presidency perpetually unwilling to simply end infanticide. At least history has gone that way to this point, given the abortion lobby’s power with members of Congress.

These battles continue to pop up as they have in the past; each new congress sees new proposed legislation to protect the helpless and the innocent.  In some cases, many people are drawn in to fight these battles. While it is heartening that many continue to fight on after decades of losses, for the most part their efforts are pointless. Millions of tiny Americans continue to be butchered.

Who can doubt that life begins at conception?  Scientists have proven the physiological case; life has begun. Aborting a human being at any stage, is murder. We are witnessing the same loss of ground with many moral issues; our norms are being hacked away.  We fight all these battles; a few are won but most are lost. The war does not subside, and we are no closer to defeating the enemy in this area than we are in so many others.

The abortuaries remain open for their grisly business. They will continue in the decapitations, dismemberment and disemboweling of human beings and selling of human parts – as so many butcher shops! – until we wake up and realize that Washington, D.C. simply does not represent most of America.  Even when we flood their phone lines, email, fax lines and snail mail, we hardly get their attention. This is not representation!

Many Americans still believe that their elected servants in the House and Senate have their best interests in mind. But why should they? Apportionment of our representatives was usurped by Congress with its Reapportionment Act of 1929, arbitrarily fixing the House at only 435 seats forever. Their lawless act has ballooned congressional districts to an average 750,000 citizens, with some districts as large as 900,000 people.

Had we learned basic civics, we would know that the original First Amendment stipulates that no congressional district can ever have more than just 50,000 people. Imagine that: just 50,000!

Most of us were never taught (I know that I wasn’t) that after remaining silent during the entire four-month-long Constitutional Convention of 1789, on the last day, George Washington rose to address the delegates about this issue. James Madison describes it on page 644 of Records of the Federal Convention.

George Washington said that small districts were of vital importance. Apparently, James Madison’s committee that wrote the Bill of Rights agreed. They put small districts as ‘Article the First’ in the original Bill of Rights. It was the first and longest of the 12 articles in the final Bill of Rights. So you see that having sufficient representation and avoiding too much power from large districts, is a vital element of the Founding Fathers’ design.

The original First Right in the Bill of Rights has already been passed by Congress. It only needs to be ratified by 27 more states; 11 states ratified it during 1789-92 but it then dropped by the wayside.

Imagine life after we get our First Right fully ratified; it will be the 28th Amendment. For every 50,000 citizens we will have a U.S. House seat. The 31,000 smallest communities across America, that have not had representation in the House or in the U.S. Electoral College for the past century – now will.

While it’s true that this will increase the House of Representatives to about 6400 from the current 435, this will make it impossible to accommodate them on Capitol Hill, so the second step will be our proposed Bring Congress Home Act, modeled after the MOBILE Act proposed in 2013 by Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Mike Pearce (R-NM). Today’s telepresence technology allows our representatives to never have to leave their own community to go to D.C. at all!

After ratifying the First, those small and relatively powerless districts will hold little attraction for the incumbent congressmen. Most will retire or try for a Senate seat, leaving over 6,000 seats open for normal, productive Americans who would never live in D.C. but who will definitely serve the 50,000 people around them, right from their own community!

This will change everything. First, it localizes and grounds our servant representative. They will no longer be far away in D.C., under daily influence of lobbyists and other corrupting influences. We will hold them much more accountable; under probation, if you will. You won’t even have to call, email, fax or mail something; simply drop in at your representative’s office, within easy driving distance (in some urban districts, walking distance!).

How much more power We The People will wield! Small communities and counties in rural America will finally have representation. As I said, a whole new way of life is on the way. Yes, it sounds radical; but throughout history, every major change has been radical. Besides, this was the Founding Fathers’ original design; the way it should have been in the first place!

What does this have to do with abortion? Pause for a moment and think about it. Before you do, ponder this as well: the republic is far more conservative when viewed at the precinct level, according to data analysis by Ryne Rohla (, so as you break the People’s House down into the small districts the founders designed, we restore conservative representation to reflect more of America than only the powerful, crowded urban zones.

So, is there any hope? If anyone honestly thinks our current Congress (under the Reapportionment Act of 1929, an artificial, powerful 435 seats) will ever end abortion, then there is little hope. Particularly when paired with the massive, unaccountable, invisible Deep State.

But ratifying Our First Right is more than hope; it is the vital first step in the solution. Getting this done will finally solidify conservative America to put an end to legalized abortion, and this is only the beginning. Tactical Civics has 21 other reform laws just awaiting those 6,400 fresh new faces in the People’s House.

If you are looking for an answer to your prayers – if you want to finally win this war against abortion, then let’s take action to restore the representation we were always meant to have. You can do this by going to – a new way of life to make D.C. irrelevant again in our lives. It’s the only comprehensive solution in the republic today, developed by 31 volunteers over 10 years.

Getting our First Right is simple. Congress already passed it. This is all explained on the website and in the booklet TACTICAL CIVICS™.

We need to finally win this war. I am not asking anyone to quit what you are doing for the pro-life movement; it is still very important and all our prayers are necessary. I only ask that you check out the TACTICAL CIVICS™ action plan and spread the good news. Very little time or effort is required; yet this new way of life will turn the tide for all Americans.

Including those waiting to be born.


Copyright 2017


Danny Unser is the founder of the TACTICAL CIVICS™ chapter for Brown County, South Dakota. He may be reached at