One of many quotations attributed to Thomas Jefferson but not actually his, is a statement made by John Barnhill in a 1914 debate about socialism: “Where the people fear the government you have tyranny; where the government fears the people, you have liberty.”

Thomas Jefferson didn’t say it, but the aphorism is true of many human relationships. Consider parents who spoil their children to the point that they eventually fear them. In egregious cases such as the infamous Menendez brothers, the parents create sociopaths who murder them without remorse.

How pastors pervert Romans 13

For over a century, when faced with the attacks of corrupt and tyrannical government on the American people, too many of America’s pastors have fallen back onto Romans 13:

“Let every soul be in subjection to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those who exist are ordained by God…For the authority is not a terror to those who do good, but to those who do evil. Do you want to have no fear of the authority? Do that which is good, and you will have praise from the same…But if you do that which is evil, be afraid, for he doesn’t bear the sword in vain. He is a minister of God, an avenger for wrath to him who does evil.”

But consider this teaching in the constitutional and legal context of our American republic. Our constitutional republic is not ancient Rome under the Caesars! Who or what is ‘the higher authorities’ in our system? The opening words of our supreme law make it clear. We The People collectively are the highest authority over the U.S. Constitution; our power and duty is to see that the law is enforced when servants do that which is evil.

Instead, our arrogant, sociopath servants have trained us to fear them, like the Menendez brothers’ parents must have feared their boys. We The People – the parents who gave birth to our government – must come to our senses. We must put fear in criminal hearts by making our State Criminal Court ‘bear the sword’ against any member of Congress violating America’s highest law.

Good Guys Have Nothing to Fear

Romans 13 says, “Do you want to have no fear of the authority? Do that which is good, and you will have praise from the same.” Tactical Civics will support those who run for Congress standing against its lawlessness, and incumbents who publicly resist D.C. organized crime.

This will be a challenge for those who hoped to climb the career ladder in D.C. power politics; life inside The Beltway is heady brew. Hundreds of novels and dozens of famous movies depict it, but the reality is even more disgusting than the fiction. Few of them will reform easily; the freshmen members, rather than respect the higher authorities – the Constitution and us, its sovereigns – might instead look for direction from their bent elders in powerful congressional committee chairs. If they do, we don’t need to do this the easy way. They had better fear the authority!

True popular sovereignty will become easier with each bent target that we indict, try, convict, and incarcerate via our State Criminal Court, with the perpetrator’s family assets seized. Yes this is harsh; honest law enforcement is designed to discourage crime. No multi-billion-dollar criminal is above the law, no matter how white his teeth and how beautiful his speeches.

Let’s review civics, because schools have not taught this for generations:

Because we have been ignorant of our Constitution and never taken the law seriously, our servants have violated it as impudently as Mexican narcoterrorists violate Mexican laws. With generations of pastors providing ‘render unto Caesar’ cover, D.C. organized crime has used fear to defraud lawful sovereigns.

Do YOU Support State-Sponsored Terrorism?

Terrorism is defined as violent acts, or threat of violent acts, intended to create or instill fear in victims. While sociopath is an apt label for many in Congress, beyond its own violations of law is Congress’ criminogenic nature: teaching federal, state, county, and city agencies to follow its bent path.

For instance, no organization on earth is so feared by so many, as Congress’ IRS operation. Countless millions of Americans work their whole lives but never manage to get ahead; Congress’ IRS thugs take the first bite out of every paycheck. The longstanding arrangement allows criminals in D.C. to live as royalty at your expense. Our servants in D.C. control our lives, property, and future.

Making illegal ‘laws’ for us, they exempt themselves. They’ve counterfeited our money for 150 years, and they invite millions of illegals over our border, forcing us to pay the welfare, healthcare, incarceration, and ‘free’ government schooling costs so they can gain those illegals’ votes. But what do they do for us, their sovereigns? They track, record, and store our conversations, emails, travel and purchase records, fine us for using our own land, regulate everything from our lightbulbs to our toilet flushes, force us to legitimize sexual perversion as ‘marriage’, and muzzle our pulpits under threat of government ‘correction’!

America’s pastors created and cultivated the very Caesar that now threatens the only Christian civilization in history. Pastor, if you have preached Romans 13 this way, it is time to study this issue, learn the basic civics, and repent.

Boogeyman, Bag-Man, and ATM Machine

As a law-abiding Nontaxpayer for 21 years, I maintain a hobby website,, where I list the names of 14 operatives of IRS that confronted me over a decade (they’ve been quiet for 11 years). Not one of these servants ever contacted me twice, nor did they ever touch a hair on my head or a dollar in my accounts or attempt to take me to court. I simply tell the truth, obey the law – and make my public servants do the same. In 1997, I bought a single-volume edition of the Tax Code; I read and highlighted it. After two years of due diligence, I learned that most Americans never owed a tax or had a duty to file anything with IRS.

I thought back on 20 years listening to my CPAs. Why on earth, without ever cracking a Tax Code, had I been terrorized by Congress’ boogeyman since my first paycheck? It was pure ignorance that fed my irrational fear. For two decades I accepted conventional wisdom spun by the tax industry; I did what my parents and grandparents had done: fear Congress’ boogeyman in the black hood! But since 1998, I’ve been among the estimated 67 million non-filers in America, and I have never feared my servants again.

The 2014 congressional hearings on IRS corruption prove that the agency has no credibility, but of course neither does Congress; its Good Cop-Bad Cop hearings are cheap theater. Shelley Davis, first and last official Historian of the IRS, published a book exposing Congress’ IRS mafia – but Congress did nothing about it because the IRS is Congress’ magic ATM machine. They would not dare make it less efficient at skimming America’s payroll accounts every week; they love your money.

My Tax Honesty site has often been visited by tax attorneys, CPAs, and IRS operatives. I have crossed swords over the years with them, yet they have never attempted to take me to court; never placed any restraint on the website as they have done with many ‘tax relief’ and ‘de-taxing’ sites. I have four friends who formerly worked for IRS; Sherry Jackson was a former IRS fraud examiner and Joe Banister, a former IRS Criminal Investigations Division Special Agent. Both are now Tax Honesty spokespeople.

We must begin fearing the LORD, and stop fearing our lawless, plundering employees. Join AmericaAgain! and start a TACTICAL CIVICS™ chapter in your county, so that We The People can begin to turn the tables on earth’s largest, longest-running financial fraud and terror organization – the U.S. Congress.

The bad guys have had the better public relations and propaganda machine for five generations, but now the worm turns.

“If you do that which is evil, be afraid”…indeed. Now it’s our turn, Congress.

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[This article is Appendix A in David Zuniga’s book, Fear The People, available at Amazon and as a free eBook at our website.]