In mid-December 2017 on one of our TACTICAL CIVICS™ national conference calls, I pretended that I was a missionary from some foreign land sending a report from the mission field to the home office. Of course I’m not from a foreign land, but I changed no other facts as I read my missionary report, viz:

Dear Supporters,

Greetings from the Texas Hill Country in America.

My brother and my wife and I have now been here as missionaries to the Americans for ten years. How the time has flown! In our past newsletters over the years we have described how, in order to keep from being sucked into America’s tribal culture, we have been self-employed, became law-abiding Nontaxpayers, joined a house church network, have homeschooled our children, and our grandchildren are now being homeschooled.

In this missionary newsletter we will begin describing the Americans, and we will report an exciting milestone in our missionary work. As you know, our mission is to teach the Americans the rudiments of their own fundamental law and then attempt to teach them to become self-governing once more, as they return to living Christianity, as they once were.

The Americans are divided up into many warring tribes. Although all of them live in relative luxury compared to the rest of the world, every tribe that we have studied so far are semi-literate. The males and youth, especially, spend most of their leisure time watching television or on the Internet. From the anthropological perspective, the women in most American tribes are waging a perennial war on manhood, and their males retaliate by treating the women as sex objects. We have noted this ongoing warfare throughout their advertising, music, literature and movies.

Most American tribes’ diet is heavy in fats, sugars, carbohydrates and processed items laden with chemicals, so they are generally unhealthy. One might say they’re the polar opposite of the ill health evident in the Vietnamese people.

The Americans know almost nothing of their own history or origins, and apparently do not care to learn these things. They are highly resistant to reading, though semi-literate. So our first project has been to create a set of very small booklets in their own language to teach them the basics of their culture’s founding principles. In this way, we hope to teach them civics and their written constitution so that they might one day return to self-government.

The Americans once had a very well-developed language, much higher moral character, and were actually a very industrious people. In fact, the most paradoxical thing we have found to date is that the Americans send missionaries out to the rest of the world to improve the lives of millions. But most of this is done by international organizations that maintain offices in America. The individual Americans do not get their hands dirty in this area.

But let me tell you of two promising observations among these tribes.

First, we have found a tiny remnant who are obviously indwelt by the Holy Spirit. These Americans pray regularly and are not only open to our mission but quite excited about being a part of it. Secondly, their written Constitution is the finest human governing document in history and remains the oldest written constitution for any country. It stipulates that the People themselves, collectively, are to be the highest level of government and are to enforce strict limitations on their servants in government. So theoretically, the Americans should not be in this terrible condition.

Curiously, we can find no record in any of their histories or writings, that the Americans ever actually enforced the Constitution as they charged themselves to do. Since that law was never enforced, the republic was overrun by thieves, brigands and frauds with growing retinues of predators and parasites.

So far, we have had a positive response from about one in every 25,000 Americans that we’ve preached to. When we get any response, it’s something like, “I’m too busy”. And this is true enough, for Americans do have countless pastimes. Besides the television and Internet as we already described, they have many other passions.

In fact, they have clubs and special groups all over the republic that meet regularly in what they call ‘Meetup’ gatherings. In the larger cities we find Meetup groups of hundreds of citizens; even in relatively small communities, we find Meetup groups of dozens. They meet every month or more often to share their passion for singles sex, atheism, hypnotism, New Age belief, running, aerobics, yoga, baseball, basketball, golf, cats, dogs, birds, flowers, vegetables, wine, coffee, cigars, marijuana, airplanes, model airplanes, new cars, antique cars, motorcycles, kayaks, fishing, hunting, camping, home improvement, music, stamp collecting, and countless more including many political causes. So you see that when they say they’re too busy, it’s true!

Some of these Meetup groups even focus on their Constitution. When we discovered this, we took great hope that we had found a possible inroad for our missionary work, until we found that these so-called ‘constitutionalists’ only meet to complain about how the law is being violated. Nothing about solutions.

This brings up an amazing spectacle that all American tribes seem to enjoy. It’s the most active outpouring of energy and excitement we have seen from the Americans. I’m talking about angry complaint. The females can be even more impressive than the males in these anger displays. Constitutionalists will wear brightly-colored period costume, fan out their feathers, and become more animated than exotic birds, in high dudgeon over the crimes of their servants in government.

These anger displays require further study. Nowhere in nature do we see such agitated commotion with no apparent purpose. So far, we do not believe that these are mating displays. They most closely resemble cock fights, especially online. The opposing participants will come within inches of one another’s face, so to speak, hurling the most outrageous insults, cursings, and anathemas. It appears that the best explanation of why the Americans refuse to arrest their lawless public servants, is that it would put an end to these colorful and elaborate anger displays. While both the males and females appear to have lost the capacity for common sense, they are experts at posting on Facebook.

In my reports of past years I’ve reported that we have made few conversions and I’ve often asked for your prayers that God would enlighten us about how to reach this strange and fascinating people. We have tried everything to wake this very busy and distracted tribe to their responsibility.

Today, I am happy to report that over 90 days we’ve recruited over three dozen fellow missionaries, and a handful of very talented ones have joined us in leadership. So we hope to be reporting very good news in the future, as our missionary effort begins to finally bear fruit.

Your fellow in Christ and the Constitution, etcetera, etcetera…

:  :  :

Okay; so that’s the status of our mission so far. It’s rather amazing as I look back on it; our culture is decidedly bizarre when considered from that vantage point. It’s difficult to believe that so many people in a modern civilization can be so obtuse about how to end the many crimes in government when it’s all right there in the Constitution.

That’s our challenge in this mission field – and your challenge, too. This is how reformation and revival appear in real time. It must begin somewhere. It’s not magic; you simply pray hard and work hard. God expects us to do our best, no more than that.

And that’s always enough.


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