The Democrat machine is reeling from its 2016 loss, but both party machines are resisting President Trump’s attempt to change the game in the most corrupt city-state on earth. Now, the entire Deep State has taken out the long knives against ‘the outsider’ and it will only get worse as another election approaches.

We The People are sick and tired of life being wall-to-wall politics. Sick of government pushing its way into every area of life. Sick of our sons, brothers and husbands being sent off to wars we never asked for, having nothing to do with us but everything to do with multinational corporations. Sick of taxes we can’t afford, to provide services for illegal aliens to transform our culture.

Now, We The People change the game and the Deep State can’t stop us. TACTICAL CIVICS™ is a new way of life for the self-governing remnant. We want real time oversight of these slimy servants; why should you have to wait weeks to see a congressman who is your servant? You should be able to walk into your U.S. congressman’s office and see a modest place with a small and courteous staff who treats you as any employee treats their employer.

Our First Right Now is the first action project of TACTICAL CIVICS™; our campaign to finally finish ratification of the original first right in the Bill of Rights. When we get 27 more state legislatures to vote to ratify it, that original First Amendment will become the 28th Amendment. It will limit congressional districts to only 50,000 people as the Founding Fathers intended.

This will mean 6,400 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. If you think this is too many, why are you not complaining about the 7,383 state legislators representing the same 320 million Americans?

The Final Act of a D.C. Congress

Once the original First Amendment is ratified by the states, we will hold our first truly representative congressional election; say in 2020. Our ‘big’ new Congress will meet for a few days beginning January 3, 2021 in a large venue in D.C. for only one purpose, to pass the Bring Congress Home Act (BCHA). After floor debate and House and Senate votes, President Trump will sign it into law as together we make history, presenting mankind’s first distributed legislature.

We can convert the U.S. Capitol complex into a magnificent multi-use commercial development with hotel, restaurant, retail and office. We The People can finally make revenue off that property, after generations of allowing the Deep State to squander and steal trillions there.

Nobody knows better than Donald J. Trump how to get such a redevelopment project done; in fact, he already did such a project with the old D.C. Post Office complex just down the street!

Because their districts will be one fourteenth as large as today, congressmen will have only one office, a staff of two, and will be paid half their present salary.  Senators will make their present salary but they will also be limited to only one office, in their own community.

The BCHA also stipulates that both houses of Congress will be limited to two terms and members will receive no benefits. If you think that term limits require a constitutional amendment, you’re wrong. Congress passed a law in 1929 limiting the size of the U.S. House; they can pass a law limiting their terms. We won’t allow lifetime careerists to keep screwing us behind our backs every day!

We want citizen-statesmen who serve for a few years, then return to real life. All members of Congress work full-time from their home town rather than destroying their families by having a second home – and often a secret second life – in Washington DC. When we need to testify before a legislative committee, we want to just go to our nearest congressman’s office, sit at our dedicated workstation in a private office, and wait to be called. No more wasting our valuable time and hard-earned money traveling to and from D.C. to address our arrogant servants.

There is much more to TACTICAL CIVICS™, like the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ and 21 more reform laws described in our free eBook, FEAR The People.

Some Days the World Just Changes

Just one generation ago Amazon, eBay, Google, PayPal, online medical diagnoses, weather, banking, libraries – all were unthinkable. Today they are indispensable. TACTICAL CIVICS™ is a new way of life – the world’s first distributed legislature. Technology finally applied to self-government, as only Americans can do it.

President Trump, you know the Deep State has gone a bridge too far. Your administration and your very life are in danger. We The People have had enough, too; and you are the ideal president to help us kill the Deep State monster at last.

We The People are ready; chapters springing up from coast to coast, 60 counties so far. We can help make you the greatest president in American history, Mr. Trump. Let’s do this.


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