Notice the sides of Lincoln’s throne, above? Those bundles of sticks are an ancient Roman contrivance called fasces, from which we get the word fascism.Lincoln is still a much-revered figure to millions of ignorant Americans who were programmed in government schools. But an exciting new trend has begun: more Americans are learning that, like Russians and Chinese, we were lied to in school.  The most destructive fraud promulgated by American schools is that Abraham Lincoln was a great president.  In truth, as you’ll learn here, Lincoln was the most monstrous, ruthless, destructive president in our history.

For instance, the man who first hijacked the U.S. Constitution had the galling hypocrisy to write that, “(t)he People of these United States are the rightful Masters of both Congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert that Constitution.”

Americans are completely ignorant of the affinity that Abraham Lincoln had for Karl Marx and his Communist system. As Americans banish the Confederate flag, those who think Lincoln was a hero are as ignorant of our history as the average Russian citizen is, of his.

Lest you think I exaggerate, the first resource I recommend is available at no cost.  Reading Karl Marx with Abraham Lincoln: Utopian Socialists, German Communists, and Other Republicans is a September 2011 article in The International Socialist Review, the communist news magazine of record.  That piece describes the mutual admiration between Marx and Lincoln.

The second resource is Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream by an African-American scholar and author named Lerone Bennett, Jr. Impeccably documented with hundreds of original-source quotes, Bennett paints Lincoln as the consummate White Supremacist and snake-in-the-grass.

Another book is Lincoln’s Marxists by Al Benson and Walter Kennedy.  This one delves into the ties between Marxism, Lincoln’s unconstitutional new national army, and the neo-nascent GOP that rose from the ashes of the Whig party.  It is a shocking exposé of our most execrable president and his U.S. Army generals, proud followers of Karl Marx.

Another book to show you Lincoln’s true character and the lasting destruction he wrought on America is Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe, by Professor Thomas DiLorenzo.  Having ignited a fierce debate about Lincoln’s legacy with his book The Real Lincoln, in this work DiLorenzo presents stunning new evidence to explode the popular myths about Lincoln.  It is a shocking portrait of a political manipulator, opportunist and tyrant; the opposite of the idol introduced to all American school children.

The fourth book to banish idolatry of America’s hijacker is America’s Caesar by Greg Durand, in two volumes.  With a huge number of original source documents, Durand paints a picture of a 19th century agnostic attorney who represented riverboat operators and railroad barons – whose only use for Jesus Christ was to lure the masses.  This portrait of the most destructive man in American history makes Bill Clinton a saint in comparison.

The fifth book I recommend is Larry Tagg’s The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln, a compilation and analysis of hundreds of public statements and newspaper articles during Lincoln’s administration.  In the opinion of his own closest associates, Lincoln was the most deeply despised president in our history.

The sixth book that will open your eyes about Lincoln is A Century of War by John Denson. It provides copious, irrefutable, original source evidence that Lincoln’ handlers – Northern mercantilists – got Lincoln to defy his own cabinet and sucker the South into firing the first shots at Fort Sumter, where no one was killed or wounded.

Modern Conservatism: Destructive Denial

Our present descent into tyranny while the people do nothing, suggests that America suffers a case of mass insanity.  Since Lincoln’s and Darwin’s era, America turned against God to accommodate every imaginable sin, and a few unimaginable ones.  The wages of such rebellion has been God’s judgment: we presently wander in the desert, oblivious to where we have been and to what happened there.  We are dumbfounded hijack victims, staring out the windows.  Our only path back to sanity is repentance.

But a second aspect of our national insanity is actual insanity, as defined.  In the psychological phenomenon known as Stockholm syndrome, also called capture–bonding, hostages begin to bond with their captors; eventually even to love and defend them.  The victim begins to consider any brief cessation of abuse to be an act of kindness by his captor.

This form of traumatic bonding does not require a hostage scenario, as Dutton and Painter (Victimology Journal, 1981) found:  “(S)trong emotional ties…develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other” such as is commonly seen in abused wives.  It has also been evident in many populations under totalitarian rule.

A common hypothesis for Stockholm syndrome is that it’s the victim’s response to the trauma.  By identifying with the aggressor, the ego defends itself. If the victim can just adopt the same values as the aggressor, the dire threat ceases to exist. Another mental defense mechanism known as Normalcy Bias may come into play as with the two oldest generations of former Soviet subjects after collapse of the USSR.  In the victim’s mind, nothing can alter the conditions to which the victim is accustomed.

Fallen Stalin


A traveler in Europe recently posted a description of Lithuania’s Grutas Park – a chilling display of communist statues that were removed from public squares in Lithuania. “Families with young children roam the park and it is no exception to see young children posing with Lenin or Stalin while their dad is making a picture. It is also a strange experience to visit…souvenir shops where you can buy mugs or small glasses with a portrait of Stalin on it.  Why would anyone buy a mug with the portrait on it of he who ordered the death of millions? … Bizarre but true.”

That park filled with former tyrants’ statues is less bizarre than America’s love affair with Lincoln.


The Lincoln Memorial’s shocking idolatry is testament to the power of American school propaganda in place of history throughout the 20th century.

But the worst part is, they still do.

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A Lincoln’s Birthday Execration


Finally, as a repentant Russian would do with the memory of Stalin, you can join me in a new execration — a national curse — to Dishonest Abe Lincoln. I know it is hard to deprogram our brainwashing of a lifetime! But where there’s a will, by God’s mercy there is a way.

This execration can be read by real Americans on Lincoln’s Birthday every year:

Oh Captain of America’s hijacking, on this day, countless young Americans will be taught to sing praises in ignorance to you, the captor of our Constitution!  Oh, creator of the first counterfeit U.S. dollar, they will extol your honesty and virtue!  Founder of an illegal standing army that defies everything for which our founders lived and died, your witless victims will salute you!

But we will not.  You were a bold liar while you lived; in academia, your retinue still boldly peddles deceitful, conjured narratives of your achievement and character.  Lord Acton’s dictum that “absolute power corrupts absolutely…Great men have almost always been bad men”, has been proven by Obama, two Bushes, Clinton, Nixon, LBJ, FDR, Wilson, TR and others.

But none of those hold a candle to you, oh hijacker Captain! On this your birthday, we curse your memory and thank God for His mercy in opening our eyes at last.  Though 300 birthday celebrations should be offered to you before truth prevails, one day your idolatrous statues, like those of Stalin and Saddam Hussein, will topple in the birth of American repentance.    

Blow your candles, Dishonest Abe, you’ll not blow them out! Gnash your teeth in Hell ten million birthdays to come, as the flames of your just desserts return to you the sufferings you’ve caused to millions!


Rather than be offended by this attack on your former idol, open your eyes to the truth of history. If you still doubt the truth about this brainwashing that the schools did on all of us, just read one or more of the books linked in this article. Let those books open your cell door of propaganda that kept us all ignorant for five generations.

Of course you might just refuse to believe the facts of history. You might rather continue loving Abe Lincoln; but then you need to also hate the Constitution as he did!

But please don’t blame the messenger for delivering harsh truth. Instead, blame your teachers whose comfortable traditions – whose lies – you prefer to liberty.