President Trump announced today that his planned military parade will be canceled because the military’s $80 million price tag, originally estimated at $12 million, was a bust. Ha; imagine a Russian, Chinese or North Korean leader canceling a goose-stepping, missile-studded parade because it was too expensive! You have to love Trump.

It was a bad idea in the first place, though. Some of the best, most devoted human beings in this civilization are serving in the military. The vast majority do it because they love this country — the greatest country in human history (keep troll comments to yourselves, liberals). These men and women do not know what the Founding Fathers, or the greatest generals in our history, said about war. They do not read the TRUE stories of the war industry, and how it holds people hostage, including the average American.

Ask the wounded veteran (only if YOU have also served), and you will hear stories of how things really are in that industry. Yes, it is an industry, and it destroys more American minds and lives than anyone wants to admit. The Founding Fathers were crystal clear: NO full-time professional military, except a DEFENSIVE Navy, and a VOLUNTEER Militia meeting the stipulations in the Constitution, training and mustering in every American community.

No wasteful, Russia-China-North Korea-style military parade can make up for the destruction of minds and lives happening today in that hellhole industry! VA hospitals dole out drugs that only make a man ten times more messed up than when he came in — the damage is done, and the drugs make it worse!

TACTICAL CIVICS™ is working to provide real honor, real restitution, and real restorative duty for our veterans. This hard-hitting but necessary article, explains our plan to restore the Militia in every county in America — as the U.S. Constitution assumes and stipulates, and to make it a lawful body as it once was, deploying jointly with its corresponding Grand Jury, the other ancient American law enforcement institution:

Donald Trump is doing a damned good job, all things considered. Yes, he has plenty of personal shortcomings; so do you and I. We shouldn’t worship our employees, and billionaire or not, Mr. Trump is our employee. I believe he is doing an exemplary job, though he does come up with cockamamie ideas occasionally, as we all do. A parade for the military? I think most vets would rather see even $10 million allotted to serious rehab and job placement.

Our military personnel are perhaps the most devoted, hard-core patriots on this earth, but the war industry’s corporations are wall-to-wall demons. The generals quoted in the article above, attest to that. The war industry is as much danger to America as any foreign enemy. Just ask any vet suffering PTSD.

The biggest war in our history is beginning to rage today from coast to coast. A whole generation of idiots with no concept of history, economics, the Constitution or common sense, joined by a teeming horde of illegal aliens with the same lack of understanding and values, together with insidious Islamists making inroads in many American cities, are together preparing Civil War II. The only force able to fight and win that conflict before it can even begin, is the constitutional Militia.

Our veterans still have a job to do, and are trained to do it. There are 70 million gun owners in this republic; most of them abysmally untrained and unready to serve, to muster or to communicate when the time comes. There you have the two necessary ingredients to restore the Founding Fathers’ military force. Now, let’s do it.


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