Donald Trump is our opportunity, not our savior.

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1. Boot Camp Introduction
2. Applying Romans 13
3. American Idol
4. Restoring our First Right
5. AmericaAgain! Good Guys™
6. Bringing Congress Home
7. AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™
8. Taking Back What D.C. Stole

Mission to America is a free 8-week Boot Camp in Tactical Civics™.  Our new way of life will begin when we take Congress out of Washington DC forever. Like many presidents before him, Mr. Trump is tasked to keep us distracted for four years. In the generation of Darwin, Lincoln, and Marx, our republic was hijacked, and Donald Trump can’t end the hijacking; only the responsible remnant of We The People can. Not with more conferences, Facebook pages, and books but with action. First, we finish ratifying the first Right in the original Bill of Rights; see the short video. Share this course with fellow Christians, TEA Party, Militia, homeschooling, or veterans’ group leaders. Let’s end the hijacking with the most powerful People’s movement since 1776, making Washington DC irrelevant in our lives again.