When people ask me who I’m going to vote for, I intend to start responding, “Oh, I don’t vote”.

If you think my flippant answer is anathema — that I am un-American not to vote — let me explain.

The people whom we vote for take their cues, directives and grants from Washington DC, that criminogenic city-state on the Potomac. (Criminogenic means someone who teaches others to commit crime.) DC snakes have bred smaller snakes who live under the granite domes in our state capitols, in our county offices, in city halls and in tens of thousands of school districts.

Why vote, when I already know why they want the office? To do more lawless, arrogant stuff that will only harm me. My commitment to Christ, the Constitution, and our rule of law causes me to desire much more than voting. In fact, it’s my duty to do much more, as I explain here, applying Romans 13 to our system of government.

Will my not voting improve our situation? No; but I got your attention. Now let me explain why voting is only a very small part of the duties of We The People. But first, an analogy.

TACTICAL CIVICS™ is like minting real money, and in our present state, voting is like spending counterfeit currency. When government is systemically corrupt and the people do nothing about it, their funny money’s value trends towards zero. Just look up ‘Venezuela news’ and see this illustrated in real time; corruption and communism together eventually destroy a country.

Until we end organized crime in D.C. and start scraping back all we have lost to criminals over six generations, our rule of law will continue crumbling to dust. To put it another way: no amount of voting can restore rule of law, because that requires law enforcement.

TACTICAL CIVICS™ is the first full-spectrum solution in history, enforcing the U.S. Constitution using the two law enforcement institutions that predate that law: the Grand Jury and the constitutional Militia. Both institutions need to be restored. Plenty of Americans already want to do that, but are currently trying to do it lawlessly, as vigilantes but using the terms ‘Grand Jury’ and ‘Militia’ anyway. Our mission is to educate, support and organize responsible citizens; to move beyond mere ‘voters’ (like ‘consumers’; sheep for the shearing).

Here is a second analogy. The typical activist in partisan politics we will call Smith, who is forever riding a snowmobile on a big, circular track. He sees the same sights and feels the same sensations on every lap, but it never dawns on Smith how pointless his habit is. Going fast, but changing nothing. “I’m in the game, my friend! At least I’m making a difference!!”, he maintains; and Smith is dead serious, deep in his soul.

On the other hand, let’s look at Jones. He does not ride snowmobiles on the circular track; he and his compatriots are too busy building the village. Homes, shops, and mills; designing and building and maintaining their community in real life. Taking responsibility for life, liberty, property, and self-government.

So. Who is seeing real action and doing his part…Smith, or Jones?



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