Many people are talking about Californians recently obtaining enough referendum signatures to put an item on their ballot this fall, splitting California into three states. Our project, called Our First Right Now, is a much better idea for every state in this republic; California is not the only state where the small urban zones are dragging all of the state’s small town and rural residents into a liberal nightmare.

The same problem has been destroying not only California’s neighboring states, Oregon and Washington. The same hijacking is occurring in New York, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado and others.

But this hijacking of entire states by just a few liberal cities is felt especially keenly in Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas and Vermont, all of which have only one congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. The liberal urban population gets to decide the lives and futures of all the small town and rural population in the state. This leads to increasingly acrimonious political arguments; there must be a solution!

In fact, there is. It was put in place as the original ‘Article the First’ — the first right in our original Bill of Rights in 1789. It was so important to the Founding Fathers to keep districts small to assure all Americans were represented, that it was the only subject that George Washington stood to address in the four-month-long 1787 Constitutional Convention! The original ‘Article the First’ today is the only one of 12 rights in our Bill of Rights, that has not been completely ratified.

Back in 1789-91, eleven states already ratified this amendment: KY, MD, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT and VA. If you live in one of those 11 states, your legislature’s work is already done. But 75% of the states must ratify to make it the 28th Amendment, and 38 is 75% of 50 states. Since we already have 11, we need 27 more ratification votes out of the 39 state legislatures that have not yet considered it. TACTICAL CIVICS™ is leading this coast-to-coast project, Our First Right Now, to get those 27 ratification votes.

This has been done before. The present-day 27th Amendment was originally ‘Article the Second’ in the Bill of Rights but had only been ratified by nine states back in the 18th century. University of Texas student Greg Watson personally walked the amendment through 29 more state legislatures in 1983-93. The work of one young man finally got us our 27th Amendment. That leaves only our First Right in the original Bill of Rights — the most powerful Right of all 12! — not yet fully ratified.

Six points to keep in mind as We The People make history and begin taking our civilization back.

First, Washington D.C. can’t stop the process. In fact, Congress was lawless when it passed the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 to supposedly limit the U.S. House to 435 seats forever. They knew that the original First Amendment was still before the states for ratification, requiring that no congressional district ever exceed 50,000 people. But they lusted for power and passed the illegitimate bill anyway — and the average district now includes over 750,000 people! But still, the original First Right in our Bill of Rights remains open for action by the states alone. It was already passed by Congress in 1789; Congress cannot stop the states from ratifying it.

Secondly, liberals cannot legitimately resist the amendment. They would have to stand against equal right to representation for all Americans. They would have to oppose  the only subject that George Washington felt so strongly about that he stood to speak publicly about it at the 1787 convention. In finally ratifying the Founding Fathers’ design for apportioned representation, we limit the power of politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives — the most powerful branch of federal government.

Thirdly, We The People are now merely finishing what the Founding Fathers began. Our First Right Now is the American People finally giving ourselves the apportioned representation that the Founding Fathers felt so strongly about that they made it first in our Bill of Rights.

Fourthly, big cities rule our civilization. It should no longer be a mystery why America has fallen so far as a civilization. The corrupted political hijacking of 1929 affords no representation either in Congress or in the U.S. Electoral College to America’s 31,000 small towns and rural America.

Fifthly, you cannot legitimately say, “We already have too many politicians; we can’t bear having 6,400 congressmen!” Nonsense; the same 324 million Americans today have 7,383 legislators at our statehouses, and I don’t hear anyone suggesting that we should only have 400! And those who suggest it will cost too much to pay all those politicians, need to consider what is happening here. Several million productive citizen-statesmen will now be able to run for the U.S. House — especially since the first law we intend to have the new ‘Big House’ pass, is our Bring Congress Home Act.

That law will stipulate that each member of Congress must now work from his own community, full-time, from a single office. They will work by telepresence, technology already in use by 40% of American businesses. Congressmen will get a staff of only two and be paid 50% of their present salary. Senators will get a staff of six. No member of Congress will be allowed to serve more than two terms. And they will receive no benefits. Finally, their operating budgets will be audited and presented to their boss — us! — online, every fiscal year.

Do you think even ONE incumbent member of the corrupt U.S. House will run for re-election when his district is only 1/15 the present size and power?

Congress’ operations and staffing budget is currently about $5.85 billion annually; the federal budget is about 668 times larger than that. Or to put it another way: we pay Congress and its staff about 15% of 1% of the total federal budget. Let’s assume we make the operations expense of Congress *five times* larger, say $30 billion annually — if our new citizen-statesman Congress cuts the $3.9 trillion budget by just 1%, we’ll offset the extra cost of keeping Congress under our own watchful eye and out of D.C. forevermore.

Normal, productive Americans now in Congress working where we can see them will cut the federal budget by *much* more than one percent. Congress will represent and answer to their own neighbors in their own communities. We will never again allow them to huddle daily with attorneys for billionaires and special interest groups. Never again will We The People allow unelected, invisible Deep State careerists write 95% of all federal regulations that impact our lives, families and businesses.

What we are witnessing today is history in the making. The American People of ‘flyover country’ have discovered the tactical force-massing power of the Internet, and even former Democrats now support Trump simply because he is the “anti-swamp”, at least in relative terms. But this is about much more than Donald Trump, and it’s about much more than California running off its most productive and conservative residents, in favor of illegal aliens and lawless liberals. Many other states have also felt for several generations now, the existential threat of failed Marxism and atheism destroying their cultures and state budgets.

Corrupt dinosaur governments worldwide are discovering that the Internet is opening a new era for humanity. But only in America was this power waiting for us all along. It is our First Right; a gift from our Founding Fathers, finally seeing the light of day by the grace of God.


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