Don’t look at the picture and think this is all about ‘preppers’ or ‘militia’ groups; it is not. This article will discuss and analyze the much larger online conservative movement, constitutionalists and other patriotic Americans who think that reading things, or listening to others, will somehow improve our hijacked condition. It will not! This article is about taking responsibility as the founders expected us to, in order to maintain rule of law — thus, limited government and individual liberty.

The Dreaded ‘R’ Word

As Ben Franklin walked out of the Constitutional Convention in September 1787, a Philadelphia socialite named Lady Powell asked, “What sort of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?”, to which the wry old founder replied, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

For the past decade I have preached one major theme: this is the most exciting time to be alive in American history. But because our historic opportunity is being squandered by two generations of irresponsible Americans, there is also some unpopular work to be done.

Responsibility, a godly concept, runs counter to our fallen nature since the Garden of Eden. Beginning in childhood, we are not fond of the ‘R’ word. Calling people irresponsible is unpopular, but at this point in our history, the emphasis is on finding co-laborers. Either Americans are actually lazy and irresponsible, or God’s judgment is merely manifesting as American irresponsibility; but either way, repentance is the solution.

By lazy and irresponsible, I mean more than mere ignorance; that is merely the lack of information. Once you become aware of a serious problem and even an effective solution but you still refuse to correct it, you are the problem. When ignorance becomes laziness and/or fear, irresponsibility results in corruption reinforced by the people themselves. If this describes you but you truly want to be responsible, read on.

Funding Crime is Moral Fraud

First, the simplest and toughest issue.

Anyone who funds a criminal operation is a party to the operation. Regardless how fearsome or powerful criminals may be, they cannot operate without funding. So those who provide the money are in fact the prime enablers of every criminal operation.

Because most Americans are spiritual eunuchs today, we seldom mention Tax Honesty; it frightens ‘good businessmen’ who are funding organized crime. These businesspeople will continue to remain ‘in the system’ so as not to inconvenience themselves or endanger their business. What would happen to my family, business and employees? is the usual rhetorical question.

Thus, at TACTICAL CIVICS™ we steer clear of Congress’ IRS crimes, but as I explain on THIS personal hobby site, I refused to personally fund organized crime just so they would leave me alone. I took a stand 21 years ago, and on the 14 occasions when I was confronted by my servants at the IRS, I sent them home empty-handed. I obey the law, tell the truth, and take no prisoners. It is moral fraud to be funding organized crime while complaining about the bloated, illegal agencies and bureaus of government. You, taxpayer, make them possible!

If you are not one of the 67 million+ Americans who no longer allow their checks to be skimmed by Congress’ IRS scheme, then you are funding Washington DC organized crime. It is not some distant problem created by others; you are financially supporting it. You may protest, “I have to allow them to deduct that money; it’s the system”, but that is merely convenient rationalization. There are tens of millions of American today who refuse to financially fund organized crime; for the past 21 years, I have been one of those Americans. No, it is not easy. Yes, it must be done. I refuse to add my hard-earned dollars to Congress’ revenue flood that is 400% more than required to fund the 17 functions that We The People allow to federal government.

So, there’s that.

Everyone Knows the Problem

The criminal Deep State is indeed a problem; several million Americans have cushy careers in agencies, bureaus, departments, and programs at the local, county, state and federal levels. But after four generations of government-run ‘education’, the hard fact of life is that the average American does not know that the U.S. Constitution is actual law (the supreme law of this republic); in fact, he does not know the difference between a ‘nation’ and a republic – the system of government that We The People guarantee in perpetuity to the states in Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution. We explain the vital civics in this blog article.

Of course, it is absurd to expect a man to drive responsibly when he can’t tell a motorcar from a mackerel. Our conundrum is that having been schooled in government nonsense from kindergarten to graduation, the average American, shown his legal authority and constitutional duty, simply refuses to do it. As a ‘missionary to the Americans’ for the past decade, I have a theory about this perplexing situation. I described it tongue-in-cheek in this recent blog article.

Let me again address this widespread sin, although my admonishment will likely be no better received than were the warnings of the Old Testament prophets.

One benefit of the Internet is that virtually everyone who is interested in the Constitution and rule of law now knows that the GOP is a hoax; that it is no more conservative of our rule of law than the donkey party. There is only one political machine with two fake warring sides that are actually in cahoots against the gullible ‘voter’.

Partisan politics is a cruel hoax, as George Washington warned us at the beginning. Yet since the dawn of the First Party System, joining a party to fight ‘enemies’ in the opposing party has been the most popular sport in America’s public square.

Eight generations into this nonsense, third party efforts are again in vogue as they always are when the people see through the false ‘uniparty’ machine. Each time at this place in the cynical cycle, the last stop on the ride is anarchy – another membership club. Lately, that species has again cropped up like tall, colorful thistles waving above the dense weed patch.

Only Two Allowed on the Teeter-Totter

In their shade you can find the less bold and the half-convinced: anarcho-libertarians and the Libertarian Party. Although all of these subspecies repudiate two-party politics, they are wasting their time. The perfect half-and-half split, American-vs-American, is the whole purpose of the two party machines and media that announce their theatrical acts. They will never allow more than the two flavors, who take turns playing king-of-the-hill.

But even the third parties have offered no serious, radical (to the root) constitutional self-government alternative to the criminal status quo; merely slight variations in this policy or that one.

The Donation Harvesting Industry

The IRS 501c3 designation created a massive do-nothing industry. If you do not appreciate this fact, you are worse than naïve; you are wantonly self-deceived.

But donation-harvesting is far more ancient than the IRS. In 1844, Hillsdale College was founded; about 27 years later (November, 1871) came the National Rifle Association, and about a century later, Heritage Foundation. These big guns of the Donation-Harvesting industry teach literally hundreds of smaller donation-harvesters how to generate revenues by blowing out of proportion or even falsifying crises to solicit tax-exempt donations.

As if this was not sufficient drain on conservative America, about 30 years ago, a brilliant salesman named Rush Limbaugh took to the radio waves to create the ‘conservative talk’ industry, to similarly drain Americans’ credit cards, but this time for the purchase of goods and services advertised on their shows. In the print format, Limbaugh was matched by Joe Farah, whose 30 million followers on three major news-aggregator websites do absolutely nothing to improve America…but they do attract astounding advertiser revenues for Farah’s Washington DC-based crisis-mill.

We explained the clinical psychology of Fear Porn in this past article.

Addicts faced with this truth will either love or hate us exposing their addiction, depending on whether they intend to repent or not.

Patriots With Clubs and Spears

It is unpopular but also vital at this point in our history, to point out to frustrated, cynical Americans that joining another ‘Constitution and History Appreciation’ course or club will not restore our rule of law, and will not stop the Deep State and the world’s billionaires from finishing the destruction of America.

By ‘Constitution and History Appreciation’, I mean those courses, meetings, and clubs that teach you about the Constitution, but do nothing to equip or support you in enforcing it.

Do you understand this, fellow American? There is a fundamental difference between “ever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth” (II Tim 3:7), and taking real action. For instance: if you took 10 college courses in art appreciation, would this make an artist out of you? Or say you forged through 18 hours of undergraduate courses in Music Appreciation; would you then be a musician? Of course not.

The duty of every responsible American is to enforce the U.S. Constitution. This requires you to first take responsibility in your heart, then you join your fellow citizens in specific, sequential actions that only TACTICAL CIVICS™ is pursuing.

This is not meant as a boast; go online today and survey the literally hundreds of Facebook groups, websites and clubs touting patriotism, militia, the Constitution, history, political action, prepping, and related issues. Not one of them has a plan of action with specific milestones or long-term legislation to take back all that has been stolen from productive America.

Why do these clubs not take real action? I believe these donation-harvesters have learned that the American people, having been trained by government schools for five generations, are unwilling to do chores; to take the responsibility demanded of us by our Founding Fathers. So they can get more donations by peddling pabulum and precepts. Constitution Appreciation!

Seriously, I say this without the least malice or ill will: God bless KrisAnne Hall, the National Constitution Center, the National Center for Constitutional Studies, Institute on the Constitution, and countless other individuals and entities offering ‘Constitution Appreciation’ courses. But it is long past time to move beyond Founding Father quotes, to enforce our highest law! I cannot count the number of spears in my back for simply stating this fact online, in hopes that other liberty-minded Americans with blogs, clubs, groups or websites would join forces with TACTICAL CIVICS™. Alas, every single one has steadfastly refused.

I know what you’re thinking. This egotistical jerk thinks his organization knows it all, so he trashes everybody else. No; I have not the least animus for any other patriotic group or individual; but some things are indeed better than others. Stop thinking like a liberal soccer mom who demands that there be no score-keeping and everybody gets a prize. God has given our present generation a great blessing, and the team at TACTICAL CIVICS™ spent ten years and 37,000+ hours in due diligence and R&D before being able to claim that yes, we do have the only full-spectrum plan of action in the republic today. We’re not angling for bragging rights; we’re intent on stopping the Deep State before it’s too late!

Time to Choose

Most Americans today are unwilling to take responsibility, yet that’s the only way to end the 150-year hijacking of our constitutional republic. Popular sovereignty is not a spectator sport. As you maunder in your cups while joining more Facebook circle-jerk groups and coffee klatches, understand that the enemy is far shrewder than we are…they actually work at action plans.

The average conservative today is perfectly content to simply listen to talk radio and think it somehow helps matters. He joins clubs. He goes through the motions as a spectator; listens to exciting speakers and returns home with no more intention of taking action than he had before. No specific milestones to achieve, in this ongoing war for the greatest civilization in history.

For God’s sake, join us, fellow patriot! Let us work together; the work is not onerous and the time is right! The LORD has put all we need right in our hands!

Or do nothing. Continue to ‘appreciate’ the Constitution while our enemy digs ever deeper under its foundations. When it all comes down on my grandchildren’s heads, I will blame you and every slacker who shunned duty, for a mess of patriot pottage.


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