Government is engaged in four kinds of activity. 1) It makes regulations and bureaucratic machinery; 2) It pads the nests of industries; 3) It pads the nests of lazy parasite subpopulations; and 4) It does public works projects most of which are nowhere authorized by the Constitution, but few seem to care.

The border wall falls under that last category. The wall cannot be done without Congress; not just the US House, but the Senate, too. President Trump is aware of this fact. All of us who want the wall (fence, in certain portions of the border that are not feasible for a wall) know that Trump will have to sucker Congress into it, because big business will fight it to the end. How can Trump ever get the Senate to agree to the wall, even if the House agrees to provide the funds? The estimated cost of the project is about one-fourth of the total cost to American Taxpayers each year from illegal immigrants.

Most of the Senate is against the wall. So Trump approaches the Democrats and pandering fools like Jeb Bush, offering DACA in exchange for funding the wall, ending the anchor baby tactic, ‘chain migration’, and lottery visa scams. It is extremely doubtful that Congress will agree to those four items. So as you see, We The People are fighting big business and their criminal lap dogs in Congress. This head-fake by Trump is the best deal we will get, because in the first place there’s no way the government would, could, or even should deport 800,000 young people who were born here, have grown up here and never lived anywhere else. They attended American schools (yes, at taxpayer expense) and many of them do not even know Spanish. Those people are staying here one way or the other, face it. So why not use this to force Congress to stop the flood of illegals in the future?

Trump’s triangulation allows him to put a big hole in the Democrat party’s 2018 election chances by stealing their issue: “I offered you the DACA deal you asked for; but you turned it down. That’s on you!” Is he actually faking them out? Who knows; we do not trust anyone in D.C.; even Mr. Trump. But at the same time he is telegraphing to Republicans who work for industry and the corporations: “are you with the American People, or are you against us? Winning! We are winning! You want to win with us, or keep obstructing? I wish we didn’t need the wall, but the American People have shouted very clearly, ‘Build the wall!’ So what’s it going to be, GOP swamp? Are we going to build the wall or not?”

The political party machines are dying. Steve Bannon was frankly the best brain in the Trump administration, regardless what Mr. Trump now says about him. Was Bannon kicked to the curb, or did he kick himself to the curb, and even left Breitbart as one tactical move in a longer-term strategy? It is foolish to underestimate Steve Bannon; he is the most serious-minded nationalist in the whole bunch, and we hope that Mr. Trump will mend that fence when the time is right.

Trump is either making it appear to Democrats that he is all on their side; they lose 2018 elections by not taking his offered deal.

Or else this is a very ominous development, and Mr. Trump is caving to Javanka and other Democrats. In that case, he gives them their DACA, plenty of RINO Republicans go for the deal to serve their masters in industry, and 50 million Americans will turn on Trump and file him in the same place we file all DC politicians. In that case, he would be toast. I find this impossible to believe.

However Trump is playing the DC chess game, We The People will have another chance this November to keep running on the track that we began by electing Donald Trump. We The People must demonstrate to both parties — and to Mr. Trump if he turns out to be a Trojan Horse — that the hijacking of America will end. The 2018 election was only Step One! America is under new management, and the center of governing power is no longer Washington DC, but tens of millions of American households.

Love him or hate him, President Trump is the best tool we have to begin trumping Washington DC organized crime and proving that we truly are New Management. Trump is the one we selected in 2016, and despite all his flaws he is doing more than any career politician would have done in his place. Regardless what the Never Trump horde may say, someone like Rafael Cruz could never win; he lacks the ‘colorful’ character of Trump. No politician in Washington DC today would be able to get the wall built, so Trump is the best horse we have for that race. But TACTICAL CIVICS™ is America under New Management; far more than presidents can ever achieve!

Yes, the tricks of Donald Trump are tough to take sometimes. But not as tough as what DC dishes out every day! Have a little faith. The joke may be on the corporate marauders who have cost America so many jobs and so much of our civilization. This is not Europe; in his heart of hearts, we think Trump will hold the line against politicians who have sold us into slavery.

But most of all, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His mercies are new every day.


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