I was recently asked by a TACTICAL CIVICS™ county chapter founder if we can remove references to President Trump in our social media advertising. Let me explain our policy at AmericaAgain! Trust regarding our servants in the White House.

God Disposes

God ordains whatever happens, so America gets the presidents we deserve. For instance, prior to 2008 when we founded AmericaAgain! Trust, I was on record many times asserting that our White House servant since January 2001 played a major role in the treacherous 9/11 theater. Bush I and Bush II played demonstrable roles fomenting Middle East war for the oil, war and banking industries.

Even after it was proven that the official story on 9/11 was demonstrable lies, Bush maintained a large, loyal following. So we praised God in 2009 after Obama won, not because he would be a good president but because a divisive racist, communist agitator and Muslim apologist in the White House would cause small-town and rural America to finally rise up in indignation.

Our ancestors failed to exercise responsible popular sovereignty for five generations. We felt that back-to-back existential shocks would surely wake the American people. But so far, it has not. The Bush family showed their hand (Deep State operatives) when they tried to kill the Trump campaign.

Today, B. Hussein Obama is a clear and present danger to our Constitution, maintaining an operations bunker in D.C. and a network of 250 field offices for ‘community organizing’. As Clinton set a new low standard for open immorality in the White House, Bush II and Obama set new low standards for murderous fraud, military meddling, and criminal treason to destabilize America’s cities.

Laziness and Liberty Do Not Mix

God will continue to judge America until we repent, turn from our hedonistic, irresponsible ways and perform our duty of popular sovereignty. My books This Bloodless Liberty and Fear The People explain the duty of every American, according to the Constitution.

Popular sovereignty requires very little actual work and time, yet most Americans will refuse the responsibility anyway; this is human nature. If our Constitution and rule of law are to be restored, a responsible remnant must step up. TACTICAL CIVICS™ is the solution for every American who wants to restore our land. The first step is personal repentance; then you must commit to simply being responsible.

About the Servants

In the 2016 election, we supported Ron Paul and opposed Rafael Cruz, the constitutionally ineligible debate champ. When Trump won the GOP primary, it shocked the liberals but God’s decree was clear. Now: will this president be God’s bearer of His continued judgment, or of restoration?

As for Trump’s personal life, we are on record in this video (segments at 40:42, 44:31, 49:28, and 50:15). We do not hate Trump any more than we hated Bush or Obama. Responsibly assessing our servants in the White House is not a personal matter.

Those who make it personal or about skin color or hair style are childish and unhelpful. What would you think of the fellow sitting in the board meeting assessing a management employee, who kept poking fun at his skin color or hair style? You would likely want that fool off the board, immediately.

In our advertising memes and social media commentary about Trump, we have been adamant about his dangerous cabinet choices and pronouncements. TACTICAL CIVICS™ refuses to pander to the servants.

Black Swan in a White House?

Donald Trump is no D.C. politician, and that’s a big plus. He is very narcissistic, but as with many prior presidents, that can prove useful. Mr. Trump tends to favor audacious and unconventional acts; this too can be a plus. In fact, we believe Trump is the first president in 175 years who is ideally suited to champion a mission like ours.

We point out his clay feet: a long history of liberalism and marital treachery, as has been true of many prior presidents. We reiterate our general principle that while presidents have often done great evil, they have seldom done any lasting good; the best presidents only forestalled evil. This is fitting, given the few powers we grant in the Constitution to our executives.

But Donald J. Trump may be our black swan. He is truly different, despite his personal failings and checkered past. So we believe that if he will embrace and champion our first two action projects – get 27 more states to ratify the original first right in the Bill of Rights, then push for our Bring Congress Home Act – he can be the greatest president in American history.

Will the American people respond by growing TACTICAL CIVICS™ chapters from coast to coast, repenting and then living a responsible new way of life? If so, our presidents can return to being the mere executives we stipulate in the Constitution, rather than actors in this tragicomic theater.

If we repent, then perhaps the bombastic New York City developer ironically begins our return to sanity, as God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.


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