In this blog article a few days ago, we offered our opinion about how Mr. Trump is playing our hand on the immigration issue against the corrupt, unaccountable Deep State and industry lackeys in Congress. Obviously, we could be wrong. Especially in light of his ridiculous treatment of Steve Bannon earlier in the week in response to Bannon’s faux pas (being quoted in a new book as not only being against Javanka, but also against Donald Trump Jr.). Bannon was wrong on that score; Donald Trump Jr. played a fair, lawful hand against the far more shrewd — indeed the lifelong mafia-corrupt — Hillary Clinton.

Obviously, no one knows the actual hand that Mr. Trump is playing against a dozen snakes in the grass in Washington D.C.; and that is as it should be. For far too long, the GOP leadership has sold the American People down the river for the interests of corporations and industries that have no allegiance to America. Perhaps Trump is merely showing those feckless, corrupt GOP ‘leaders’ how Congress should be representing the American People on the world stage.

Since Dishonest Abe Lincoln — whose entire lawyer career was spent representing the railroad and riverboat industries — our presidents have far too often sided against the American family and with industry. That is the game in D.C.; in fact, since Lincoln’s administration, most federal laws have been actually written by law firms for industry and special interests, and only sponsored by the legislators who we elect to write our laws.

We hope that Mr. Trump is playing our hand smart and close to the vest; that he will save the idiotic GOP leadership from itself and turn the 2018 election into a second win for America, against Washington D.C. organized crime. We also hope that when the time comes, Mr. Trump will endorse and support TACTICAL CIVICS™.

Congressmen should be working full-time in their home districts, accessible to us; not to industry law firms and special interest lobbyists. Our proposed Bring Congress Home Act will open the U.S. House to millions of normal, honest citizen-statesmen who would never agree to move to D.C. and become a politician but would gladly serve as a citizen-statesman for a maximum of two terms, representing only a small district of not more than 50,000 and would do it from their own home town.

President Trump cannot sign this bill and bring Congress home yet; our corrupt Congress as it stands now would never pass it. So first we must break Congress up into small pieces; the Founding Fathers left us a secret weapon to do exactly that — in fact it is the original first right in the Bill of Rights!

Our free 12-page pamphlet HERE explains how the original First Amendment fell through the cracks, and how Washington D.C. cannot stop its ratification because Congress already approved it and sent it to the states! It explains how small districts was so important to the founders that it was the only subject that George Washington rose to speak about at the four-month-long Philadelphia constitutional convention in 1787.

Whatever Donald Trump may do, and whatever our criminal Congress may try to pull on us — America is under new management. TACTICAL CIVICS™ gives the American People an active role in self-government at last. Join us and help restore our republic, and your children’s future.


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