I am often asked why I refuse to recite the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’. The answer is simple. I reject socialism and fascism, and the Bellamy Pledge is demonstrably un-American.

Government schools and ‘patriotic’ organizations force you to recite the Bellamy Pledge or be branded a commie pinko. But the fact is that you are the communist if you recite the Bellamy Pledge!

In his article, What’s Conservative About the Pledge of Allegiance?, Gene Healy of the CATO Institute exposes socialist Francis Bellamy and the story of his pledge. He asks, why should any constitutionalist chant a pledge to a lawless, powerful central state? Two short YouTube videos on this subject are found here and here.

If you consider reciting the Bellamy Pledge to be a virtual test of patriotism, blame your government education. “My country, right or wrong” is a North Korean ideal, not American.

Obama did not begin American communism, as I explain in my books This Bloodless Liberty, Fear The People, and Tactical Civics. Dishonest Abe Lincoln was an admirer and correspondent of Karl Marx, as I demonstrate in this blog article, with six books and a linked article from the International Socialist Review as corroboration.

By the time of the Woodrow Wilson administration, eight of the ten points in Karl Marx’s 1848 Communist Manifesto were federal policy. Washington DC has operated as a communist government for over a century. The Bellamy Pledge is a key programming tool to keep Americans in their seats as the DC hijacking continues.

So, learn the civics and history of our republic, rather than calling someone unpatriotic because they refuse to chant the Bellamy Pledge. Incidentally, America is a republic, not a ‘nation’, as I explained in this prior blog post. Every time you are about to say or write nation in reference to these United States, correct yourself and use republic. Listen to This LibertyCast™ entitled Is America a Democracy? for more on this subject.

TACTICAL CIVICS™ is a new way of life for responsible, repentant, self-governing Americans. Our first task is to deprogram 150 years of communist propaganda by government schools, colleges, universities, and mainstream media, replacing it with true history and civics.

The mission statement of TACTICAL CIVICS™ is four simple words: Enforcing constitutionally limited government. Truth will overcome DC propaganda and crimes of 150 years if just a remnant — half of 1% of the American people — will be honest with ourselves, our families and our friends. Libertarian, Republican, Democrat or Independent, we welcome you to join us in enforcing constitutionally limited government to restore American liberty and character.

Join us. Stop complaining about the lawless government that you have been pledging allegiance to, and let’s work together to actually enforce the U.S. Constitution. After all, it is our authority, power, and solemn duty as Americans, to do so — without pay, benefits, or special recognition.

Join us…and let’s pull down the cobwebs and walls of government propaganda, to become America again.

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