Do you think America is lost and beyond recovery?  If so, put your eyes on Jesus Christ, who was the reason for America’s birth.  In John 14:12, the LORD says He has empowered His followers to do even greater things than He did while here in human flesh.

That is an amazing assertion.  But we 200 million American Christians do not need to allow the enemy to steal our civilization!  Who are we going to believe: Jesus Christ, or His enemies that control Washington D.C. while violating the Constitution?

THECONSTITUTION (2)Free PDF Book Download 

Our founder’s new book FEAR The People, in the new 5th Edition PDF will be free for downloading soon.  The current 4th Edition PDF is better than the physical book for sale at Amazon, because not only do you save $43.50, but all of the links in the book are live.

Open the PDF book, then click on the disc icon (upper right) to save the book.  It explains the plan of action for 2016-17 to finally ratify the original First Amendment, the first step to bringing Congress home!

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Free AudioBook

If you prefer an audiobook on your Android phone, download three apps from the Google Play store:

1) @Voice TTS

2) IVONA TTS (a much better TTS engine with more realistic voice)

3) IVONA’s “Kendra, US English” voice

Then, when you open the PDF in your Android phone, you’ll have a free audiobook.

Send the book to any friend, neighbor or relative who is cynical or has lost hope for America’s future.  When they read it, they will learn why we are living in the best era in our history — so it’s time to repent and get into action!

If you absolutely need the paperback edition, buy it through at a discount, instead of paying $43 at Amazon.