AmericaAgain! is a membership organization and private perpetual charitable trust whose mission is to recruit, train, support, and organize the People to learn remedial civics and the Constitution, enforce constitutionally-limited government, superintend our public servants, and live as free, self-governing people.

Every service organization has bills to pay. When member dues are sufficient to support it, we will begin hiring TACTICAL CIVICS™ support staff including Legal Section, TACTICAL CIVICS TV video production team, logistics and member support, special events and publications, education and training, PR and media relations to continue improving our historic mission.

Someday when we grow to national scale and dues revenues exceed operating expenses, AmericaAgain! Christian Mission Foundation will equally distribute the surplus to our five trust beneficiaries: Atlas Network, Faith Comes By Hearing, Heifer International, Hope International, and Living Water International.

AmericaAgain! is laser-focused on our first action project, Ratify28 and will not be drawn off target. We do not think it likely that the Internet will go down for a protracted period. To completely shut down the Internet, you would have to shut down all the routers worldwide so that the world’s network of networks cannot connect to each other, then disable all DNS services and servers, including the 13 Root Name Servers.  The original idea that DARPA and the collaborating universities had in devising the Internet was to develop increasing scalability and server fault tolerance (redundancy) worldwide as the network of networks grows.

But if you are concerned about this issue, you can visit our forum area dedicated to ham radio operators. Mike Routen, our Forum Director, is a licensed amateur radio operator.

You can buy a handheld ham radio (dual-band) on Amazon or eBay for under $100. You can learn more by contacting your local ham radio club or the American Radio Relay League website here.

1) Our videos, podcasts, blog articles, and free eBook Fear The People teach you the basic history and civics you never had in school.

2) Our free eBook Mission to America and 8-week boot camp will teach America’s Christian Remnant the new way of life called Tactical Civics™ — the responsibilities of citizenship for the repentant, responsible Remnant.

3) In 2017-18 we are recruiting, equipping, and coordinating members across America, focusing on the 31,000 towns of less than 10,000 residents. We hope for 4+ members in each AmericaAgain! town so members will no longer stand alone in our concern for America.

4) When we have sufficient AmericaAgain! towns in your state, and a 4-person team to do our Proclamation Day event at your capitol, we will move to get the 28th Amendment (original First Amendment) ratified. Already ratified by 11 states, it will shrink congressional districts to the founders’ intended 50,000 people maximum.

5) After ratifying the 28th we will help nominate and elect citizen-statesmen for the new 6,400-seat U.S. House. This is our AmericaAgain! Good Guys™ campaign.  Even if every incumbent won election to a new, smaller district we will have a 14-to-1 advantage.

6) This new crop of citizen-statesmen can then pass our proposed Bring Congress Home Act, to take Congress out of DC to work among the people they represent. With today’s technology, it is time for Congress to join the 21st century.

7) Every state or federal legislator is perpetrating or enabling crimes. AmericaAgain! is a new way of life, breaking up DC and using the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine to generate pre-indictment presentments to the Grand Jury for the politician’s violating the U.S. Constitution. That is the first aspect of Tactical Civics™.

8) In all 3,144 counties in the republic, our Legal Section’s James Madison Briefing Room™ will teach Grand Jury members their power, duty, and prerogatives over the courts in our republic, so that grand jurors know the true power they have always had, to maintain the rule of law. That is the second aspect of Tactical Civics™.

9) To aid and support the Grand Jury, AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ will help local Citizen Militia find one another, to push their Restoring Constitutional Militia Act through passage in the state legislature, and will register AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ affiliates among tactical trainers, gun dealers, practice ranges, and major retailers coast to coast — the functions that NRA has never provided in its 146-year history. That is the third aspect of Tactical Civics™.

10) AmericaAgain! will draft, refine, and force 22 key pieces of reform legislation through Congress to restore all we have lost to DC organized crime over 150 years. See Legislative Action for the reform laws.

For the cost of a pizza per month, AmericaAgain! members will use the tactical force-massing power of a national organization to do our citizen duty in a few minutes per week, right from our mobile device or computer. No more political meetings, rallies or caravans to DC, to be laughed at by politicians.

In late 2007, David Zuniga shut down his engineering practice and spent 14 months in a small travel trailer in the Texas Hill Country. He read and studied 110 books and hundreds of historic documents, essays and websites; then over eight years with 23 other volunteers investing over 25,000 hours in R&D, the group studied the collapse of America; who is causing it, how D.C. organized crime operates, and how We The People can arrest it. The group reviewed and assessed every ‘save America’ plan they could find.

They discovered what doesn’t work. Many excellent people and organizations teach and talk but do not even repair the ruins, much less ever pursue D.C. criminals. Ron Paul, the TEA Party, secessionist movements, the 2nd and 10thAmendment movements, those calling for a constitutional convention, citizen grand juries, the Tax Honesty movement…none of these is a full-spectrum plan for popular sovereignty. And of course the LEAST effective thing of all is electoral politics.

To learn about how our member organization will be run, in the book Fear The People, read the appendix entitled AmericaAgain! Organization and Governance. Basically, when our membership scales nationally, AmericaAgain! will have nine (9) regional Trustees elected to 4-year terms by a Council of Delegates. The Delegates are in turn elected by the members, each Delegate representing ten (10) U.S. congressional districts, therefore coordinating/supporting ten (10) district leaders. In the early years until membership is large enough to hold elections, the co-founders will appoint nine Trustees from among willing and competent members.

Organized crime’s 152-year-long counterfeiting scheme is collapsing; as of July 2014 many major countries including Brazil, Russia, India, China, Iran, South Africa, and Germany — as well as many smaller countries — are abandoning the FED cartel’s counterfeit U.S. Dollar as their trading reserve currency.

This mega-crime is headed for collapse, and Congress’ $220 trillion in unfunded liabilities also constitutes a ticking bomb.  If a Great Depression II comes, to recover our economy we will be forced to return to lawful U.S. money stipulated in the Constitution.  It is not true that there is insufficient precious metal, as we explain in Chapter 3 of Fear The People.

No; AmericaAgain! is citizen self-government.  Given the conflict of interests inherent in downsizing government, no politician can join as a member.  We welcome their support, however – and their donations, since we’ve donated to their cause all our working lives.

Certainly.  As a private member organization, we believe in the lordship of Jesus Christ and promulgate His fundamental place in the formation of our civilization (systems of law, social and family mores, economics, etc) and welcome as a member any American who can live with the Christian nature of our message, without creating argument or dissent about it.  We will not promote or promulgate any law respecting religious belief or exercise of religion, unless a supposed ‘religion’ calls for acts of oppression or violence to individuals or classes of people.

Nothing in our organization proposes establishing religion.  As long as they do no harm to others, Americans should be free to worship in any manner they like – or not to worship or believe in God at all.  AmericaAgain! is a private member organization predicated on Christ and the Constitution.  Anyone who is not so offended by our occasional mention of Christ and the Bible that they can support our AmericaAgain! Declaration, is welcome to join us.

Yes; AmericaAgain! is focused on enforcing the Constitution against corrupt legislators in Congress and the state legislatures because until we arrest criminogenic Washington DC, it will continue to train states, counties, and cities in bureaucracy, waste, fraud, and corruption.

If other organizations rise up to pursue corrupt city and county officials, we wish them great success. One resource for local and county-level reform is Joel McDurmon’s book Restoring America One County at a Time.

That is a too-cynical view of American law.  While we do not deny the existence of corrupt members of the judiciary and law enforcement, most are still honest, conscientious professionals.  Having said that: if a State DA, prosecutor, or judge refuses to enforce the Constitution, AmericaAgain! members will work with TEA Party and other patriot groups in that district to replace the corrupt actor.

Yes it has; in 2010, a Texas criminal court convicted former U.S. Congressman Tom DeLay on two criminal counts for crimes committed while he was Minority Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Through the James Madison Briefing Room™, our Legal Section will brief State prosecutors and judges who are ignorant of their sovereign power to enforce the Supreme Law against felons in Congress or a state legislature.

Our cases will ideally be brought in clusters, so prosecutors and judges will not have to take these historic cases by themselves, but will have identical cases being heard by other courts in the same State in approximately the same time frame.

Removal Jurisdiction (28 USC 1441) is a clever law allowing any federal actor brought up on State charges, to apply to the federal court to remove the case from the State courts.  But 28 USC 1441 only applies to civil lawsuits brought in a State against a federal actor; it does not apply in criminal cases.  More importantly, the court of public opinion would not allow an indicted politician to use a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card concocted by Congress itself, to free its members indicted of felonies!  If they attempt it, AmericaAgain! will expose such tactics immediately in the international media.  We are determined to end D.C. organized crime.

How?  Article III, Section 2 stipulates that the U.S. Supreme Court has original jurisdiction only over cases concerning the U.S. Constitution or a federal law, or where a State is a party.  In all AmericaAgain! cases, plaintiffs and defendants will be citizens of the same State and we will not touch federal matters.  Inferior federal courts are even less of a factor, totally lacking jurisdiction.

That clause (Article I, Section 6) says, “They shall in all cases except treason, felony, and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest…”. [Bold emphasis added.]  AmericaAgain! will bring State felony cases against members of Congress.

That is not what Article VI, Section 2 (‘the Supremacy Clause’) does.  It stipulates that the U.S. Constitution and all laws made in harmony with it “shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby…”.  So every State judge is bound not only to obey the U.S. Constitution but also to enforce it against members of Congress or their state legislature who, by defrauding those they pretend to represent, are also violating their State Penal Codes.  In every such case, the State Judge is constitutionally superior to the federal judge.

President Trump has kicked open the door of American history, as the first non-politician and true populist president in well over a century. Now is the time to act, and to do so decisively in YOUR community!

You can launch an AmericaAgain! group in your community (using Meetup if you live in a larger city). To support your planning and local PR efforts, contact our Publications Director, Mary Justus, for all items you will need to launch an AmericaAgain! group in your area. Spread the good news in social media; link to our videos, podcasts, and to the free PDF book.

As soon as you join, please get involved through our forum community. We can all avoid re-inventing the wheel by sharing best practices from coast to coast.

Host a showing of AmericaAgain! – The Movie for your Meetup group or for a larger group in your club, church, or veterans’ group in your community and discuss the movie afterwards.

Think of friends in your church or homeschooling group, Trump group, Oath Keepers group, Ron Paul advocates, End The Fed supporters, ranchers and landowners, TEA Party supporters.  No one has a better plan to restore our rule of law and our civilization.  Give your friends hope by introducing AmericaAgain!. You can show the introductory video and PowerPoint presentation yourself, or invite AmericaAgain! founder David Zuniga to come to your event and make a presentation.

President Donald Trump will be the most revolutionary populist president since Andrew Jackson. As a complete outsider to the perverse world of D.C. politics, Donald Trump is the best possible ally for our unprecedented mission. President Trump will need tens of thousands — preferably hundreds of thousands — of Americans linked together with America’s only full-spectrum action plan, to help his administration support and sign our 22 reform laws. As our founder David Zuniga has often reiterated, we are living in the most exciting time in American history!

JOIN as an AmericaAgain! member, then tell your closest friends. That is the first and most important step.

We are not the Citizen Militia; just a national resource to help push Militia legislation through State legislatures and Congress to force them to obey Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16 of the U.S. Constitution, and help citizens do their duty per Clause 15. We will network all AmericaAgain! groups in each state to push enactment of your state ‘Restoring Constitutional Militia Act’. To actually form your local militia unit, you must first have that legislation in place. Then your state or local government will appoint a training officer for your town, or your community may present your own candidate for local training officer.

Citizens should not trust government any further than we can control them, but gangs of roving thugs and starving, armed neighbors will be a harsh reality if a Great Depression II hits.  We The People have not formed Citizen Militia as we stipulate in the Constitution, and someone will have to keep gangs from pillaging communities. AmericaAgain! supports Oath Keepers Community Preparedness Teams.

AmericaAgain! embodies James Madison’s principles, thus those of Ron Paul, so we are aligned with TEA Party groups that have not joined the GOP.  The TEA Party is the most important citizen awakening in a century. It will remain vital to electing local, county, and state servants who obey the Constitution.  But Washington D.C. is organized crime, and elections can’t replace law enforcement.  Ron Paul focused on electoral politics for decades, yet even after several TEA Party landslides, D.C. corruption has only increased.

No. Both major political parties are corrupt to the core; AmericaAgain! leaves politics behind us forever, and does not support either party.

See the 20 AmericaAgain! Legislative Action reform laws:

  1. We end the lawless ‘Anchor Baby’ tactic
  2. We finish building the border fence, and beef up ground and aerial border assets
  3. We push Congress to get tough on enforcement
  4. We restore the Citizen Militia of each state.

For 50 years since the Eisenhower administration, Congress has served corporate interests and the wealthy by looking the other way to provide housekeepers, nannies, gardeners, and dishwashers at 30 cents on the dollar…while taxpayers pay for the education and healthcare for those illegals’ children.  Finally, reform law #20 will end unconstitutional welfare state programs (for rich and poor alike), removing the economic incentive for illegal immigration.

While it is true that radical Islam has been tactically shrewd and ruthless in European history for 1,400 years, with respect to America consider three things:

1) Compare death tolls; the U.S. military has killed over a million Muslims in 15 years.  A foreign power occupies and plunders their towns, and they will never forget it.  Foreign invasions by the U.S. military have been longstanding violations of the U.S. Constitution, the oil industry receiving free security services as it sucks Arab lands dry of oil, raking in billions in profits every quarter while taxpayers foot the bill.  Thousands of brave Americans give their lives, limbs, and sanity for banking, petrochemical, and arms industry bottom lines.  This is lawless and totally un-American, and it has led to Muslim retribution, known as blowback.

2) At one time, Roman Catholics, Calvinists and Lutherans tortured, imprisoned, and killed those who refused to adopt their belief system.  At one time, Mormon men kept a harem of wives, including pre-pubescent girls.  We hear no national call to exterminate Roman Catholicism, Calvinism, Lutheranism or Mormonism in America, because those belief systems now conform to America’s laws.  The same can be true of Islam; if we establish firm laws, it will then be the Muslims’ choice whether their belief system is outlawed in these United States. We must not follow the disastrous, politically-correct course of Europe.

3) We will be tough on terror.  Click on Legislative Action and scroll to reform law #4 to see how we will end the transformation of our civilization by the 1,400-year-long Muslim-Jewish war. Also read our blog article Three Strikes for Islam.


Our founder considers Sheriff Mack’s CSPOA to be a vital work, and sheriffs are vital to our constitutional order. But the Militia — not the sheriff — is the constitution’s stipulated ‘law enforcement’ power. For the same reason, we support Oath Keepers Community Preparedness Teams, but disagree with the group’s membership structure, which suggests that paid professionals are higher ‘law enforcement’ authority than the Constitution’s stipulated authority: the Citizen Militia.

Constitutional Militia is needed to prepare communities for natural or man-made disaster, social unrest, or military invasion by enemies foreign or domestic.

We do not agree with all of the goals and methods by which the National Liberty Alliance has pursued restoring the Grand Jury, but we commend their coast-to-coast network and their diligence. We strongly support the teaching and tactics of Jason W. Hoyt, whose book Consent of the Governed, makes the case historically and constitutionally that the Grand Jury is a higher legal authority in American law, than any court. As Justice Scalia explained in U.S. v. Williams (1992): the Grand Jury is the highest judicial authority in our republic; it existed prior to today’s federal courts; it is totally independent of judges, sheriffs, and other magistrates by its very nature. Indicting the crimes of public servants for trial in criminal courts is the purpose of the Grand Jury, thus it must always remain independent of judges, constables, sheriffs, and other magistrates.

When our Legal Section launches the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™, it will be for the express purpose of making felony presentments for Grand Juries. But the restored Grand Jury can only be as effective as the restored Citizen Militia.  AmericaAgain! uses the term Tactical Civics™ in referring to this full-spectrum responsibility and power of the American citizenry.


A latter-day ‘ConCon’ movement using the moniker ‘Convention of States’ is suggesting that in using that label, an Article V constitutional convention transmogrifies into a novel creation, impervious to a runaway convention (as indeed happened at the first and only ConCon in 1787). This nonsensical position is summarily dismissed by THIS article by veteran Article V scholar Dan Fotheringham — and completely eviscerated by THESE articles by former JAG attorney and constitutional scholar Joanna Martin (aka ‘Publius Huldah’), and THIS video by Robert Brown of the John Birch Society.

Then, consider the Massive Far-Left-Wing Coalition that is supporting it; see HERE the long list of George Soros-affiliated groups calling for a ConCon.

Thirdly: a basic principle proves that a ConCon is ludicrous. Washington D.C. violates the Constitution not because it needs amendment but because it needs enforcement. More than 11,500 potential amendments to the Constitution have been proposed since 1789. Criminals will not obey an amended Constitution any more than they obey the existing one.

It is presently the best option available, but it does not arrest most D.C. organized crime.  For instance, since 1862 our federal servants have forced us to use worthless counterfeit paper as ‘U.S. Dollars’, in open violation of the Constitution.  No State has nullified that crime.  Our Constitution has one standard for all such things in all 50 States; nullification will only create an increasing hodgepodge and cannot possibly keep up with the pace of D.C. organized crime.

No; AmericaAgain! will take each tactical step in order, as presented in the book FEAR The People (4th Edition).

Once we have taken Congress out of Washington DC, this will change everything — and that is a HUGE, difficult goal in and of itself, that will take years.  Building and refining the Indictment Engine will require a good deal of legal staff effort — thus money.  Thus, dues-paying members.  As with any national effort, we must crawl before we walk.

Because no public interest law firm engages in criminal prosecution.  Excellent organizations such as those listed above perform a vital function: defending Americans whose constitutional rights are threatened.  The Legal Section at AmericaAgain! will offer more vital public interest law: defend the U.S. Constitution itself, and the sovereign powers of the People and States.

Unique among ‘save America’ efforts, ours is a long-term action plan that is peaceful, practical, and perpetual; we have staffing and facilities plans in place and legal organization (charitable trust) that can deliver real results over generations.

After eight years and over 26,500 hours of due diligence by two engineers, one former U.S. Secret Service agent, one Fortune 500 tech manager, and 23 other volunteers, we believe AmericaAgain! is the best action plan.  But if you find a better one, please support it – we are all on the same team.

Yes, the number of electors in the U.S. Electoral College will rise to about 6,500 from its present 535 when we get the 28th Amendment ratified. As with U.S. House representation, this means that Americans will have electors for rural and small-town populations, not only urban areas. This makes American government more representative of all the people.

The Information Age is swinging the pendulum against the Industrial Revolution (19th – 20th century demographic shift to big cities) so population patterns are moving from urban zones. With E-commerce and telecommuting, you do not need to ‘go to work’ or ‘go shopping’; UPS or FedEx drop things at your door, and the company you work for would rather not have you as full-time overhead.

The rural shift will make America marginally more conservative. Americans moving back to the countryside and small towns are not the agrarians that their great-grandparents were, and the Internet delivers godlessness into any home or mobile device. But Thomas Jefferson’s observation is still true: rural life has a calming, civilizing effect.

For the same reason the Pharaohs didn’t have air conditioning: there is a time for everything in history.  Some days, the world just changes.

First, unlike electoral politics, AmericaAgain! does not need a majority.  Just half of 1% of the population is 1.6 million citizens.  Even after we get the original First Amendment ratified and have 6,400 congressmen in the U.S. House now representing small districts, we would have 250 members for each member of Congress.  That is a powerful numerical advantage, with the AmericaAgain! staff and leadership coordinating their efforts.

The Obama administration signals the end and not the beginning of American communism as defined by Karl Marx.  Abe Lincoln admired Marx and launched American communism as explained in THIS article. Woodrow Wilson and FDR made things worse; then after the Great Depression, the cartels doubled down, putting their people in the federal regulatory agencies.

The welfare state is not only entirely illegal according to the Constitution.  It is also cruel and degrading to those it ‘helps’, and it is tyrannical and lawless to those whose payroll accounts it skims to do the ‘helping’.

AmericaAgain! will equip citizens to enforce rule of law from millions of homes and mobile devices, retain control of what we earn by our honest effort, and keep government out of the extortion and coercion business, so that individuals, churches, and charities can resume our traditional roles as America’s support system for the truly needy, rather than letting government breed generations of parasitic citizens, to secure their votes.

Like every government on earth, Washington D.C. is systemically corrupt.  For over a century, the wealthiest one-tenth of 1% of American families have run the lives of the other 99.9% of us, using Washington D.C. as their personal tool.  These are the key players in ‘the system’, yet We The People cannot touch them.  Moreover, the majority of government agencies and departments are bureaucratic Leviathans nowhere allowed by the Constitution – yet they grow in size and power every year.  Even the very few honest statesmen cannot stop ‘the system’.

The answer is to reduce the size of congressional districts just as the Founding Fathers designed it to be. The new, large U.S. House comprised of citizen-statesmen will then enact our Bring Congress Home Act; they go to D.C. for a few days to enact that one new law, then return home to work from modest lease offices like most of us are used to. We will take Congress out of D.C. forever; from then on, We The People have control over, and regular access to, our servant representatives in Congress.

A few incumbents may run for a new, smaller district. But every incumbent today is perpetrating Congress’ FED counterfeiting and banking industry fractional reserve frauds, even if only a criminally negligent co-conspirator.  By signing on to support our 22 reform laws, they remain one of the good guys.  Only the serious threat of a long State Penitentiary term and seizure of all family assets will tie the hands of D.C. organized crime until we remove Congress from Washington D.C. and bring them to work from their home districts for good.

The war for our future is Washington DC vs. America. We The People need to take our representatives out of the enemy camp!

No, it is We The People finally arresting D.C. organized crime, via the prosecutor’s everyday methods.

First, AmericaAgain! members will help locate, recruit, and support citizen-statesmen congressmen in our AmericaAgain! Good Guys™ campaign, so they will fight for the U.S. Constitution at last.  They publicly sign on to our 22 reform laws, agreeing to sponsor or co-sponsor each of these pieces of legislation as we reach critical mass of public support and co-sponsorship.

For incumbents, the same will hold true, but we will use the criminal prosecutor’s favorite tools.  Those who ignore or refuse to sign the immunity deal will be targeted for indictment in their State Criminal Court, where they will face the criminal prosecutor’s second-favorite tool: the plea bargain agreement.  The plea-bargain package will be identical to the immunity deal they were offered earlier: co-sponsor our 22 reforms and we drop the charges; otherwise, we will seek to have the Court conduct their criminal trial.

These assertions are all esoteric law – by definition, a supposed ‘law’ foisted on people without their knowledge or consent. Of course, if an arrangement is truly secret and violates the Constitution, it cannot apply to the American people. It would be a crime to establish a secret arrangement without due process, but only to the extent that a victim can show harm. If a lawless arrangement is only in the imagination of the secret cabal and those who discover them, it has no impact on society in general.

The Internet has given rise to countless discussion threads and esoteric ‘patriot’ groups, whose most active members end up in jail or simply enjoy being on television. Esoteric law theorist groups have spent years destroying their followers’ physical and mental health as they chase ghosts into corners.

The mission and objectives of AmericaAgain! are set out in the book Fear The People, available as a free PDF download (click on ‘eBook’, below). To leave the world of secret cabals and to re-join others in the real world that most Americans recognize, join AmericaAgain! and become part of the solution.