President Donald Trump can make TACTICAL CIVICS go viral as the most powerful new way of life since 1776. We The People can remove Congress from D.C. forever, backed by Donald Trump and a whole new Congress!

How will this happen? Taking Congress out of DC forever will change everything.  The first step is our short-term action goal, ‘Our First Right Now’, explained on this page but a quick explanation of this action is…

  1. We recruit 3,142 TACTICAL CIVICS™ chapter founders, one in each county in the republic, so that patriots have a point of contact in every county.
  2. We hold a ‘Proclamation Day’ event at all 50 state capitols on a Saturday to be decided, same time at all 50 locations. We deliver a prayer of repentance and thanksgiving and read the ‘Our First Right NOW’ proclamation and demand that the 39 states that have not yet ratified, now ratify the original first right in our Bill of Rights. (KY, MD, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, RI, SC, VT, and VA already ratified in 1789-91 so we will deliver a slightly different proclamation at those 11 statehouses, regarding our state-level Constitutional Militia Funding Act.)
  3. With Donald Trump recruiting state governors and champions in the state legislatures, we create 2-person teams — homeschooled children 9-19 years old) to visit the 39 capitols as a Capitol Action Team (CAT) to get our legislators on video answering a simple question: “Will you call for the vote to ratify the first right in our original Bill of Rights? Yes or no.” 

Our First Right NOW will be the most powerful People’s action in 200 years. It cannot be stopped by D.C.; Congress already passed it and sent it to the states.