With every real and false-flag shooting in this republic, statists and liberals re-kindle their heated attacks on “our rights under the 2nd Amendment”. The constant reversion back to that Amendment instead of to the authority and duty we have under Article 1 of the Constitution, is a self-destructive habit. Led by gun organizations supposedly on our own side, we keep handing the gun-grabbers easy victories by simply not knowing the powers and duties of We The People that we codified in the Constitution.

Tactical Civics™ is a new way of life that can finally put full-spectrum popular sovereignty in the hands of every American who will accept that responsibility. If only half of 1% of the American people will take our duty and authority seriously, we turn the tables forever on Washington DC’s Deep State and collusive media.

Firearms are necessary — but not sufficient

We The People are arming ourselves as never before.  That’s fine; but free republics and especially their rule of law are maintained by wisdom (including tactical wisdom), not primarily by force of arms.  Imagine: We The People, the sovereigns over the Constitution and the government we created and limited by that law, have never attempted to enforce the Constitution; not a single time.  Why start shooting lawless public servants when we haven’t taken the first law enforcement step yet?

Have you ever noticed that only criminal defense lawyers appeal to the Constitution, and the prosecution never does? That is because We The People never created a mechanism to enforce that highest law. As we stipulate in Amendment X, we retain the power to do it anytime we want. Tactical Civics™ is the only solution in the republic today designed for that purpose.

No mere armed citizens can perform this law enforcement mission, in total alignment with the Founding Fathers and our Constitution. To see the details of this new way of life, read the free 39-page eBook Tactical Civics™ (click on it to download the PDF booklet).

National Firearms Act of 1934 is Grossly Unconstitutional

We explained in a blog article entitled Support Our Troops? that We The People are the U.S. military according to the Constitution. It is grossly illegal for Congress, with the National Firearms Act of 1934, to have forced manufacturers and dealers to use the “military and law enforcement use only” designation for all the best firearms and equipment. There is no constitutional limit to the type, caliber, fire-control system, optics, etc of the arms that citizens can and should own.  That 1934 act forces tactical arms and equipment manufacturers to tip the scales against the constitutional citizen Militia demanded by Article I Section 8.

Today, millions of citizens argue with gun-grabbers who remain on the offensive with infringements on magazine capacity, barrel length, pistol grip stocks, bump stocks, noise suppressors, flash hiders, and fire control systems. We fell to this ludicrous position because we cower in the face of Congress’ 79-year-long violation of the Constitution. The military industry and local police departments side with their own career interests, against the People. It’s their careers against our duty and liberty!

Congress making any law infringing on the right of citizens to buy, build, repair, trade, sell, carry and use military-grade weaponry for Militia use is precisely the situation the Second Amendment was meant to avoid.  But because We The People first abdicated our authority, power and duty that we stipulate in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 and we refuse to make our state governments obey their duty that we stipulate in Clause 16, it is not a Second Amendment ‘rights’ issue but an Article I law enforcement powers and duties issue.

Gun Rights Lobby Groups = Fear Porn Peddlers

Most of what I know on this subject I learned from Edwin Vieira, Jr — the leading authority on the history and law surrounding American Militia and the US Dollar. Some of his blog articles are found HERE, and a few of his many books are HERE and elsewhere on Amazon. Teaching Americans to get the Constitution straight has for many years been the mission of Dr. Vieira of Virginia (also of Daniel Vincent McGonigle III of Massachusetts, and of Jon Roland and Nicholas Landholdt of Texas).

Had it wanted to, the NRA could easily have restored constitutional Militia anytime over its 146-year existence; but it refuses to do so. As Adam Winkler explains in his book Gun Fight, the NRA was a gun control organization before it became a ‘gun rights’ lobby group. The ancient, self-serving behemoth institution with its huge headquarters and careerist staff first creates ‘crises’ in DC and then pretends to quell them. Actually, NRA is only playing footsies on The Hill.

As we explain in the article Kick Your Fear Porn Habit, every non-profit and conservative talker is part of a mammoth industry that is far more active on the Right than on the Left, but both sides have players in the industry. Fear Porn raises billions in tax-exempt donations and advertising revenues each year. If you think they are actually trying to solve the problems they daily complain about, you don’t understand the revenue model: feed a regular stream of ‘crises’ to keep the reader/member/donor/listener coming back for more.

The brain’s limbic system is the target for pornography, horror movies, violent sports, and murder mysteries featuring execrable villains. As they daily exercise their followers’ limbic system of the brain with doses of fear and anger, they create addicts; and addicts come back daily. Advertiser revenues, product sales revenues, and donation revenues rise.

This is why the NRA will never solve the crises; if the problems are ever solved, the ‘victims’ stop giving. Rush Limbaugh has spun this along for 30 years, but the NRA has done so for over 146 years. I was an NRA member for decades; the only thing it has never been is an effort to restore the sovereign States’ Militias as stipulated by We The People in the Constitution.

Gun Owners of America is no better than the NRA; it has never reversed the ratchet, either. At best, it pays lip service to Militia. It does not even frame the enemy in the right terms; notice this GOA bumper sticker sending exactly the NRA “gun rights” message…


Right?  In the U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 15, We The People stipulate that “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions” is the duty and the power of the Citizen Militia. No police forces, sheriffs, or standing army are stipulated in the law, but the Citizen Militia’s power and duty is law enforcement — especially enforcing the Constitution itself against organized crime in our legislatures! — riot control (against thugs in Antifa, neo-Nazi and Black Lives Matter hordes), and border security against the current invading hordes of Muslims and Latin American gang-bangers and welfare queens.

The Basic Civics

Dr. Vieira’s book Thirteen Words is the best explanation of the Second Amendment, but my point is, forget Amendment 2 ‘rights’ until you first exercise our Article 1 power and duty!

In the first three words of the Constitution, We The People stipulate that we’re the highest power in government, creating it. In the Tenth Amendment, We The People stipulate that we retain every imaginable power for ourselves and only grant our servants the powers we enumerate.  In Article I Section 8 we gave them only 17 powers that standardize our public services such as mail service, coining gold and silver money, copyrights, naturalization laws, etc.

Our arrogant servants puffed themselves up as we sat by and watched for five generations. They arrogated hundreds of illegal powers to themselves over the past 150 years.  So now the best we can do instead of law enforcement is to beg our crooked employees for rights?

Partial List of Our Servants’ Felonies

Our servants in the U.S. Congress now take it on themselves almost weekly to attack the retained sovereign powers of We The People and these sovereign States.  Every member of both houses took a solemn oath, then violates it on a regular basis.  Every member is constructively — even if only by ignorance or professional negligence — violating the Constitution with respect to infants’ right to life and our stipulations for lawful money, honest banking, the very limited land that federal government can claim or use, and our stipulation of a well-trained Militia of the Several States.

Forget the fake ‘war on terror’ and Islamic jihad kindled and reinforced by the CIA. Forget the saber-rattling little North Korean (who could be taken out tomorrow by U.S. Special Forces but instead is goaded by the globalist war industry). The truth is: the arrogant organized crime operation known as The Deep State now makes the U.S. Congress the most pressing, potent enemy of these sovereign States and People.

It is long overdue that We The People begin to “execute the Laws of the Union” against this Democrat/Republican machine that:

  • Invites enemies across our borders to provide cheap labor for its patrons in industry
  • Refuses to throttle the lawless courts under its aegis
  • Continues to run the largest counterfeiting operation on earth in its concession to the FED cartel
  • Continues to operate the largest extortion and payroll-skimming operation on earth in its concession to the IRS
  • Continues to load its sovereigns down with rules, regulations, fees, and programs that it does not have to live under
  • Continues to engage in felony insider trading every day, making millions by buying and shorting stocks of industries that it regulates or supports
  • Pays itself whatever it decides, from OUR payroll accounts
  • Pays itself benefits and pension to the grave, while we work to make ends meet!

I could go on for pages; but you get the idea. We The People are now at that point in the movie where we have the opportunity to trap the mafia kingpins and finally bring them to justice. The question is: Tactical Civics™ has developed the best solution in American history…but what will YOU do about it?

Going on Offense at the Statehouse

If we want to obey the Constitution over which we ourselves are the highest authority…first, we need governors to issue executive orders to cease the State’s violation of the stipulation for  constitutional Militia; second, we need to push our proposed Citizen Militia Funding Act through the state legislatures. We must make our servants obey the stipulations of Article I, Section 8, Clause 16 of the U.S. Constitution! There is no higher law in America!

That clause stipulates that every state must appoint its Militia officers and set regular training of State Militia “according to the discipline prescribed by Congress.”

Obviously, we have a long way to go before our state legislatures are obeying the Constitution — the supreme Law of the Land.  Only after we have gotten our state legislatures to stop violating the Constitution can we then begin to push back and repeal Congress’ ridiculous violations of the Second Amendment, beginning with the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Instead of demanding that these major stipulations in the LAW stop being violated by Congress and the state legislatures, the ‘gun rights’ organizations have trained generations of Americans to instead argue about a last-ditch Second Amendment ‘right’ when we are not performing the only duty that We The People demand of ourselves in the entire Constitution!

Once we have seen to it that we and our state legislators re-establish well-regulated, properly ‘officered’ state militias, then We The People ourselves will “execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions” (Clause 15).

Making Militia Cool, Fun, and Affordable

We need to force our state legislators to end their violations of the Constitution — rather than allowing liberals and statists, after every shooting (the last two public shootings were perpetrated by anti-Trump ‘Antifa’ terrorists) making arguments about barrel length, magazine capacity, pistol-grips on shotguns, open carry rules, full-auto or select-fire, flash-hiders, noise suppressors, bump stocks, etc.

There are over 32,000 municipalities and towns in our Republic of sovereign states.  There should be approximately 32,000 training camps for regular unit muster, all over America.  As I explain in Chapter 13 of my free eBook FEAR The People, and in our newer, much smaller booklet Tactical Civics™ — Citizen Militia training should be as common as baseball games; as popular and enjoyable as golf, kayaking, deer hunting, fishing, etc.  Just because it is the duty of every able-bodied American, does that mean Citizen Militia cannot be ‘cool’ and fun?

When you join our action organization, you will notice that Tactical Civics™ is proposing to use a Militia funding plan proposed by Dr. Vieira in a 2016 article, but we increase the fee to $80/year for every citizen age 18-64 who cannot or does not wish to serve in their local Militia. We have run the numbers on more than half of the states; assuming that about 3% of Americans in that age cohort will serve, every Militia member would receive $169-$171 per month for gasoline and ammo when they attend muster and drill.

It also allows the State to pay $50,000 annually to ten officers/trainers for each district of 50,000 citizens, which would be 900-950 militiamen. Not bad for a part-time training job; far better than what ‘militia’ trainers are doing today and having to pay for it themselves.

Instead of complaining about out-of-control cops and biting our fingernails over 20 Muslim training camps scattered across rural America, millions of Americans should be mustering, training, and gathering as neighbors and friends once did in America. When we have thousands of constitutional Militia units, the whole Second Amendment discussion will become a silly relic.

Wake up; It’s Morning in America!

The most effective step you can take is to go on tactical offense today.  Read in the booklet Tactical Civics™ how our AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™, the restored constitutional Militia, and the informed, supported Citizens’ Grand Jury will work together in the first constitutional law enforcement in American history.

So-called ‘militia’ groups are operating outside the Constitution’s stipulations that We The People set for ourselves. They will never be legitimate until they get over their mere desire to ‘train’ in the field without re-training their mind and attitude as a responsible overseer of government in every county in America.

Exactly the same problem plagues the so-called ‘common law grand juries’ attempting to operate on their own, in a vacuum. Before we had a Constitution, the two fundamental institutions of American law enforcement were the Militia of the state or community, and the Grand Jury of the county. Those two fundamental institutions must work in tight coordination as we explain in Chapters 4 and 5 of the booklet. Putting all the pieces together is the mission of Tactical Civics™, and you can start a chapter today in your county. Pass the good news to your contacts all over the republic — there has never been a better time to be alive in America, than today!

Our website and Facebook page are improving as quickly as resources and volunteer staff can handle.

If Breitbart News and the Trump administration will endorse this mission, in a short time we can have a few hundred thousand members — more than sufficient to turn the tables against the Deep State. Americans have never been more ready to take our lives back, and  Tactical Civics™ is the weapon we’ve needed to do it. Tactical Civics™ might be accurately called MAGA in Action™ — but it is far more than what any president, even President Trump, can do. We The People must turn the tables ourselves.

Incidentally, ending the DC hijacking of America cannot even begin with restoring the Militia and Grand Jury. It must begin by us taking control of Congress and taking them out of Washington DC forever. In Chapters 1 and 2 of the booklet we explain these first two projects.

We were warned by General Smedley Butler in the 1930s, by General and President Dwight Eisenhower in 1961, by criminologist Donald Cressey in 1969, and by Professor Thomas DiLorenzo in 2012, that our most dangerous enemy is Washington D.C. — an independent, lawless, ruthless city-state that fell under the control of evil men and corporations long ago.

Now, We The People will begin to “execute the Laws of the Union”, not limiting ourselves to a last-ditch ‘right’ stipulated in the Second Amendment, but using a full-spectrum tactical plan, most of which does not involve force. By God’s grace, we begin turning the tide of history just when the evil powers believed they had enslaved us at last. And we will do it not only by using arms – but by using brains.


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